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Buy back 10-20 hours a week using our ChatGPT-4 prompt engineering frameworks - specifically for SaaS!

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The AI Business Amplifier™ shows you...

  • Custom prompts that work for your specific niche and help you drive momentum 2x faster
  • A world-class ChatGPT prompt framework that allows your team to engineer high-leverage prompts starting today!
  • The “Meta Prompt” that makes ChatGPT do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on high-level, strategic activities
  • The “Kickstarter Prompt” that turns ChatGPT into your executive assistant, reducing your time spent on your daily tasks
  • Plus 12 prompts to accelerate functions such as customer success, content production, product management, hiring and more!

How to Optimize: Prompt Engineering

“Our close rate has gone through the roof; we are on track to close 100% of the demos we delivered this month!”

Bob Sullivan
Founder, MedSpa

ChatGPT is a productivity multiplier. But it needs well-thought-out input to show its magic. This is called prompt engineering.

This means SaaS teams who learn how to engineer and use the best prompts will win. 

Why? They’ll accomplish in 7-8 months what others take a year to achieve.

So if you don’t want to be left behind…

Use this guide to drive productivity and ultimately, your bottomline.


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The Swiss Army Knife of Productivity is Here.

Until now, you had to hire another expensive employee to increase your team’s productivity.

But ChatGPT has changed the game.

This powerful technology acts like your "second brain" for tasks like:

  • Writing emails
  • Writing an agenda for your weekly meetings
  • Answering customer support emails
  • Fetching market insights for product development 
  • Research and outline for your blogs, social media posts and sales collateral

Now, of course, there’s nuances to every task and ChatGPT’s responses aren’t always correct. But the clarity and insights you can get in a matter of seconds is astounding.

You can assign ChatGPT complex roles like product manager, head of marketing, and data analyst and consult it on complex business problems just like you were talking to a professional consultant.


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Let AI handle the mundane tasks and buy back 10-20 hours a week!
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About the Creators


Hi, I'm Dan Martell, 5x founder, an investor in 40+ startups, and the creator of SaaS Academy where I coach high-performing SaaS founders (like ClickFunnels, AgoraPulse and how to scale in record time.

I know that when you’re trying to scale your SaaS business you’re wearing 50 different hats. When growing a business, time is our most precious commodity. Which is why I’m so excited about the new A.I. tools out there. Used correctly, A.I. can handle 100’s of mundane, difficult projects and tasks, from writing YouTube video scripts to creating meal plans.  

In collaboration with Matt Verlaque, we created the AI Business Amplifier™. In the PDF we’re going to show you how to use ChatGPT to an incredible outcome, every time. The exact ChatGPT “prompt” that will save you 10-20 hours a week (at least). ChatGPT will become the most valuable tool in your toolbox. 

When you master ChatGPT (this guide will show you how), you’ll be able to buy back at 10-20 hours a week. It’ll also show you how to get your team using it so they get 2x-3x more done in the same amount of time. 

We use ChatGPT every day, and after this guide, you will too.

On Average, SaaS Founders See A 206% Increase In Revenue In The First 6 Months.

After joining SaaS Academy, Vibhav started closing 80% of his sales demos
Vibhav Singh
Founder | XTEN-AV
Libby went from 43K MRR to almost 100K MRR in six months
Libby DeLucien
Founder | Woot Recruit
After 18 months Claudia's business grew from 10K to 120K MRR - 12x growth
Claudia King
CEO | Firmsy

Download the Free AI Business Amplifier™ and Buy Back 10-20 Hours a Week!

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