In the past year, l’ve partnered with over 500+ elite software founders to help them raise capital, scale or exit their companies

Here's what some of my partners had to say...

Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch Founder / CEO, Carrot.com

"Over the 14 months we've worked with Dan, we've added over half a million in new ARR. That would not have happened without Dan's strategies and coaching."


Brad Redding Founder / CEO, Getelevar.com

"Since starting SaaS Academy we've 5x our MRR & taken our churn from 4.15% to less than 1%."

Chris Ronzio

Chris Ronzio Founder / CEO, Trainual.com

"In the last 8 months working with Dan my MRR has literally tripled & we've added 12 new employees."

Dan coaches B2B SaaS Founders from these top accelerators and more:

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