Capture & Create Case Studies That Persuade Customers to Buy Your Product.

“Show. Don’t Tell.”

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Worried your case studies or testimonials aren’t moving the needle for your business? Stop asking the wrong customers that can’t build your credibility. In the Case Study Creator™ worksheet, you’ll learn the 4 key elements for the foundation of a perfect case study candidate. You’ll always know exactly WHO to ask!


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Once you’ve identified the perfect person, you’ll learn the 5 TYPES of asks. The right customer can give you more a case study or testimonial… Learn how to turn a case study into a collaborator… You’ll always know exactly WHAT to ask!

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Case studies are a powerful tool in your sales toolkit. But, unless used properly, it’s like bringing a nailgun to tile your bathroom. Right tool… wrong place. When you drop a results-driven case study in the right place in the sales process… watch new users jump into your software sight unseen.


Create Customer Case Studies That Convert

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