How to Use a "Challenge Funnel" to Add 1,200 New Signups a Week to Your SaaS

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Discover the most underrated growth hack for boostrapped SaaS Founders...

One of the most EFFECTIVE ways to show potential buyers that you are the expert, is to help them get a specific result.

Once they see you can help, they'll want your help solving more problems.

And one of the BEST ways to do that is to run a Challenge.

Clickfunnels uses Challenges to generate 1,200 new signups every week.

In this training, you'll get the step-by-step blueprint for running a challenge for your SaaS that:

  • Guarantees product activation for both new and old customers.
  • Generates 2X trial to paid conversions and reduces churn by 30-60%
  • Reduces product adoption friction and generates additional revenue while doing so.
Once you get the challenge working, you can run it over and over again, bringing in 1,000s of new signups every month at scale.

The Challenge Funnel Planner generates over 1,200 new signups every month...

The Challenge Funnel Planner will show you:

  • How to identify and find your "niche" customer
  • The amount of days your Challenge Funnel should be
  • How to name your Challenge so prospects sign up for it
  • How to run a Challenge – step-by-step instructions
  • The importance of "rest days" when running a challenge
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The Challenge Funnel Planner™ Has Helped 100s of Founders

"The Biggest impact has been around that full funnel... from getting people into your funnel, and then being able to implement the framework in selling."
Skai Dalziel
Co-Founder & CEO | Guusto
"We implemented the Challenge Funnel Planner™ into our business and immediately saw a massive uptick in the number of sales and new customers coming on."
Jason Wardrop
Founder | Arsenal MKG
"We have seen consistency in our leads and our ability to drive leads month to month and our ability to then grow."
Douglas Gibson
Founder & CEO | Infigo

Meet The Creator


Hey, I’m Dan Martell, 5x founder, an investor in 40+ startups, and the creator of SaaS Academy where I coach high-performing SaaS founders on how to scale in record time…

And recently I asked a client at an event if they knew Challenge Funnels.

They said they’ve been doing them for 10 years, generating $1.5 Billion.

Once I decoded the strategy and started teaching it…

My coaching clients started gaining new leads…

With smoother onboarding that gets users to stay…

Adding thousands of new MRR a month profitably.

So if you’re open to a new way of acquiring new users and have them rave about your product in their first week…

Download your free copy of the Challenge Funnel Planner™ today.

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Dan Martell
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