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With the Precision Scorecard, you’ll discover:

  • The 4-5 KPIs you and your team should be looking at every week to make sure you hit your growth targets
  • Which KPIs you should be tracking (there are over 40) - Track the wrong ones, and you could waste weeks or months of you and your team’s time.
  • How to keep a large team accountable and focused on the biggest growth movers
  • What you should be assigning your team to make sure they don’t waste time (it’s NOT more tasks and to-dos)

With the Precision Scorecard,
You and Your Team Will Always Know What To Work On Next

Way too many founders don’t have a clear idea of how healthy their SaaS is and what their team should be working on right now to hit quarterly targets.

They’re getting blindsided by slumping sales numbers, critical product issues, and profit-killing churn rates.

In short, they’re a “founder” by default. Not by profession. And their team feels it.

When you know the KPIs you should be tracking, assign them to your team and measure them weekly, you’ll start seeing faster development times, more signups, more conversions and more clarity on what you and your team should be doing now that will crush your goals this quarter. 
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Hi, I'm Dan Martell, and I’m glad you’re here. As a 5x founder, investor in Intercom, Hootsuite, and Udemy, and coach and mentor to 100’s of SaaS companies, I’ve seen the projections and metrics of 100’s of companies.

We sold $30M of software for my startups Spheric, Clarity and Flowtown - and we couldn’t have done it without a Scorecard and a Dashboard showing us what was and wasn’t working…and what to work on next.

With the Precision Scorecard, you and your team will always know what to work on next, meet and exceed your quarterly goals and foster a culture of growth in your business. 



Dan Martell
5x SaaS Founder and Founder of SaaS Academy

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