SaaS Founders:

Gain Visibility On the Health Of Your Start-Up... In Minutes


With the Precision Scorecard you'd discover...

  • CLEAR forecasts on all major growth metrics
  • Assign ownership over those metrics to key team members
  • Constantly measure the actuals with the team (at least weekly)
  • Course-correct based on data (not by gut or impulse)
  • Always know where you're heading -- and rarely get caught by surprise

Being in “growth mode” isn’t an excuse.  

Using the “craziness of growth” as an excuse to not have FULL visibility over your SaaS company is like an airline pilot putting on a blindfold and powering down his instruments just as he hits turbulence and slices his way through the Andes.  

Hint: If you wouldn’t feel confident sitting in that plane, your team won’t feel confident with you steering the company.

Way too many SaaS founders don’t have a clear dashboard giving them IMMEDIATE access to the key metrics needed to make strong decisions.  

They’re still getting caught off-guard by slumping sales numbers, critical product issues, and profit-killing churn rates. 

In short, they’re a “founder” by default. Not by profession. And their team feels it.  



Here's what some of my coaching clients had to say...

Matt Verlaque

Matt Verlaque Co-Founder / CEO,

"After working with Dan for only 6 months, we cracked 500k ARR. Dan showed us we were relying too heavily on partner sales, so we brought everything back in-house and used his Rocket Demo Builder™ sales process. It skyrocketed our close rates."

Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch Founder / CEO,

"Over the 14 months we've worked with Dan, we've added over half a million in new ARR. That would not have happened without Dan's strategies and coaching."

Chris Ronzio

Chris Ronzio Founder / CEO,

"In the last 8 months working with Dan my MRR has literally tripled & we've added 12 new employees."


About The Creator

Hey, I'm Dan Martell. As an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce - I've seen the projections and scorecards of a lot of companies.

Trust me when I say that having a clear method of measuring and adjusting your business goals is essential for success. I learned this myself while selling more than $30M of software for my startups Spheric, Clarity and Flowtown.  

This Precision Scorecard™ will outline the steps you need for realigning momentum and organizing your business for success. 

David Lecko

David Lecko Co-Founder / CEO,

"Dan has helped us scale 8x by telling us what to focus our time on. Coaching with Dan had a 4x ROI in less than 2 months! We reduced our churn by 38% by implementing Dan's Customer Success Planner™ process."

Rebecca Guthrie

Rebecca Guthrie Founder / CEO,

"We finally transitioning from Founder-led sales to Scaled-selling...and victory! Our sales rep closed her first deal ($18k ARR) within 2 weeks and I had ZERO involvement. Getting coached by Dan and being part of SaaS Academy is what made it all come together!"

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson Founder / CEO,

"Since joining SaaS Academy our MRR is increasing 10-20% month over month and we've doubled our team in 6 months."