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It’s true. Your churn rate is slowly killing your business. Here’s how to fix that.

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What's the an acceptable churn rate for my SaaS?

Churn is like lead in the water or carbon monoxide in the air. It’s a silent killer with no amount that can be considered safe for a high-growth SaaS company.

Churn is investor repellant. It’s why your marketing or sales team is holding back on their best ideas. And it’s why you, the founder, are constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed without the consistent revenue growth to show for it.  

Whether your churn is 5% or 50%, you MUST be proactively working to bring it as close to zero as possible.

If you can reduce your churn you can increase and scale your revenue.

Keeping churn down is the key to the holy grail of SaaS: Net Negative Churn - when revenue from existing customers is more then revenue lost from churned customers. In this free guide, you'll discover:

  1. The REAL reason customers are churning, and the tools that will tell you
  2. The difference between "Customer Support" and "Customer Success"
  3. The simple flow that will tell you WHY customers are churning
  4. The secret to predicting when customers are going to churn, and how to prevent it
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This Resource Helps Founders Retain Revenue

"The biggest thing that SaaS Academy brought us first was the customer success training. That reduced our churn 33% within a few months. "
Founder and CEO | Deal Machine
"Since starting SaaS Academy, we've five Xed our monthly revenue. We've taken our churn from about 4.15% to less than 1%."
Founder and CEO | Elevar
"Just on the customer success standpoint, we cut our churn by 75%, which is huge. So immediately that was a found sales or that was found revenue for us."
Ryan Taylor
Founder | Bodyshop Boosters

Meet The Creator


Hey, I'm Dan Martell. As an investor in 40+ startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce - The #1 problem I've seen as a barrier to growth is Churn.

As my own companies were courting VCs, we had a churn problem ourselves. We implemented these 5 systems and in 3 months we cut our churn by 60%. Eventually getting it to a low 3% churn rate.

When we had all of our "holes" filled not only did it make scaling easier, it made us look way more appealing to VCs.

Grab my Revenue Retention Cheatsheet™ Now and implement these systems today, so your SaaS business can really start growing.



Dan Martell
5x SaaS Founder and Founder of SaaS Academy


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