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This 30-Minute Software Demo Script Builds Instant Value, WOWs Prospects and Increases Conversions by Up to 100%

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With the Rocket Demo Builder, you’ll give demos that:

  • Uncover prospects' “bleeding neck” pains that they needed fixed yesterday - and are willing to pay for NOW to get rid of 
  • Increase the perceived value of your product, eliminating frustrating price objections 
  • Empowers prospects to buy on the spot without wasting hours with useless follow up 
  • Won’t make you feel like a nervous five-year-old - in fact, you’ll look forward to them! 
  • Are short, concise and clear that don’t waste time and WOW your prospects. 

“Our close rate has gone through the roof; we are on track to close 100% of the demos we delivered this month!”

Bob Sullivan
Founder, MedSpa

After doing 100’s of software demos myself for my own products, I’ve discovered 5 key elements that, if you include, will instantly increase demo conversion rates and turn demos from a chore into something you and your prospect actually enjoy.

In the Rocket Demo Builder, I’m going give you a framework for giving demos in 30 minutes (not 2 hours) that deliver multiple WOW moments, address objections, increase the value of your product, and lead to YOU getting a CC at the end.

With the Rocket Demo Builder, you’ll start hearing “Yes” at the end of demos, instead of “Looks nice, we’ll think about it. 

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Rocket Demo Builder™ Will Help You...


2X your MRR

Reduce time to close by 1/2
Create a structure for your demos

Overcome objections

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Customer signed up and paid on the demo ... no follow-up needed. This framework does such a good job of keeping me focused.
Software Founder
Saas Academy Member Since 2021
Our close rate has gone through the roof; we are on track to close 100% of the demos that we delivered this month. Rocket Demo!
Bob Sullivan
I followed the Rocket Demo format and it crushed - especially showing only the core outcomes of the features.
Software Founder
Saas Academy Member Since March 2022

Meet The Creator


Hi, I’m Dan Martell, 5x founder, investor in over 40+ start-ups, and proud husband and father.

I’m also the creator of SaaS Academy where I coach B2B SaaS founders (like ClickFunnels, AgoraPulse, how to generate more qualified leads, win more software demos, and to scale smoothly.

With the Rocket Demo Builder™ you’re going to discover where deals are falling through the cracks and how you can turbo-charge your demos and close up to twice as many deals. 

After you’ve implemented my strategy using the Rocket Demo Builder™, I guarantee you’ll start closing MORE deals FASTER than ever before. I’ve personally used the process to close upwards of 30 million in software sales.

It’ll send your confidence, your team’s confidence, and your new customer’s confidence through the roof.

Excited to share this with you!



Dan Martell
5x SaaS Founder and Founder SaaS Academy


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