Get a  FREE  3-Step Action Plan For Your SaaS That Will Show You What To Do To Unlock Your Next Level of SaaS Growth

We’ll review your SaaS growth strategy, find the roadblocks preventing you from growing, and develop a clear 3-Step Action Plan that will get you results ASAP.

You’ll walk away feeling clear, focused and confident knowing exactly what to do to take your SaaS to the next level.

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Here’s what we’ll cover in our
Action Planning Session: 



360° SaaS Analysis

First, we’ll take a look at your ideal customer profile, product & growth strategy. We’ll ask questions like: Who can you deliver results for? What is unique about your product? What has and hasn’t worked in the past to solve this problem? 

Once we understand your unique situation we’ll be able to see the real issues more clearly.


Growth Blocker Finder

After we understand your situation, we’ll dig deep to find the holes in your growth strategy. These holes are preventing you from growing, scaling faster and delivering better results for your customers.

We’ll help you understand how much these holes are actually costing you in terms of revenue, energy and time.

You’ll get clarity into what’s been preventing you from scaling up to now.


The 3-Step Action Plan

Once we identify the holes, we’ll lay out a clear action plan for you. This plan will be unique to your specific situation and goals.

And because we identified what’s preventing you from growing, you’ll be 100% confident these are the steps you need to take.

You'll Walk Away From Your Session With:  

  • Clear Next Steps:

    The 3 things you should do today to unblock your SaaS potential and start scaling

  • The Problem BEHIND the Problem:

    We review 100’s of SaaS companies a week. We’ll help you see what the REAL problem is (it’s often NOT the problem we think it is.

  • Potential Blockers Preventing You From Scaling:

    After spending so much time on the product, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and miss roadblocks and issues preventing scaling

  • #1 Thing Holding You Back from Unlocking Your Next Level of Growth:

    There is usually ONE next, big thing you should focus on that will have the biggest impact on your business. 

  • New Perspective into Your Business:

    There is value in having another pair of eyes reviewing your business. We can spot things you may have overlooked. 

  • Insights that Will Shave Years Off Your Learning Curve:

    Founders leave our growth sessions with insights, ideas and perspectives they didn’t have before. Shaving years off their learning curve. 

  • Confidence, Clarity & Courage:

    No more guessing what you should focus on next that will move your business forward. You’ll act swiftly and with confidence.

"Imagine running a SaaS business with a team that handles the day-to-day operations and you get to wake up every day doing the things that light you up."

– Dan Martell

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  • Vibhav

    @ XTENAV

    After joining SaaS Academy, Vibhav started closing 80% of his sales demos

  • Wilco

    @ UpViral

    Wilco was able to go through his first Perfect Exit™ with the support of Dan and SaaS Academy

  • Claudia

    @ Automio

    After 18 months Claudia’s business is at 120k MRR - a 12x growth

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Why Schedule A FREE Action Planning Session?


It's getting easier and easier to build software. The companies that get seen, make an impact and scale fast will be the ones who have a CLEAR growth plan, who know who they are targeting, and laser focus on their ideal customers.

Your SaaS session will  help give clarity, confidence, and courage  to unlock your next level of growth.


The competition will do anything to be the market leader. They will set aside their egos, their assumptions and do whatever it takes to scale and dominate the market. The Founders who feel they have to have all the answers and do it all will be at a severe disadvantage.

 Your SaaS Growth Session will uncover opportunities and issues you may have not seen or noticed. 


Markets and audiences change, fast. Who knew that in 2019 hotels, restaurants, events and brick and mortar stores would have to shut down or pause completely - cutting all their costs including software. Markets change fast. Take advantage of the growth in your industry now before something unexpected happens.

The SaaS Growth Session will  shave months (even years) from your growth learning curve. 


Time. Because we offer these growth sessions for free, we sometimes get booked out weeks in advance.  If you put it off, you might not get these insights for weeks.

WARNING: Before you schedule your free session, please understand that this is NOT for everybody; this is only for Founders who have a SaaS product that solves a painful problem, and for those willing to put in the work and implement.

You'll get insights that will change your business, but to truly see results we kindly ask for your commitment and dedication. If you're not ready for that, please don't waste your or our time.

If you are 100% dedicated to building a SaaS business that let's you live the life you want, book your FREE Action Planning Session.

Questions you might be asking....

Why is the Action Planning Session free? What’s the catch?

The Growth Session is 100% free, and the reason we do it is simple:

Sometimes founders go: “This is a great plan, I’d love your help to deploy it”.

If that’s not you, no stress at all.

You’ll still walk away with clear next steps for what you need to do to get your SaaS to the next level.

How can SaaS Academy help?

SaaS Academy was designed by Dan Martell, a founder who has started and exited 3 SaaS companies. He has real-life experience in every aspect of building a SaaS, from pre-selling the MVP to negotiating an acquisition. Members of SaaS Academy get Dan’s help to grow and exit a SaaS business, or build a SaaS that gives them more freedom and a chance to live the life of their dreams. 

What other types of companies do you work with?

We only work with SaaS companies, SaaS Founders and their teams. If you are a coach, freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner, Dan has put together some special resources for you that can help you build a business you love; check out Dan’s YouTube and #1 best selling book here for more.


Here's what do next:

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These calls are valued at $600

I'm 100% confident we can give you a level of clarity into your SaaS that will put you years ahead of your competition.

Dan "why wait?" Martell