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Executive Coaches help you build the rhythm and momentum of stacking growth, one strategy and tactic at a time.


Tracy Thibodeau

Obsessed with business, Tracy has spent over two decades working with business owners to grow their businesses.

For 14 years, she has worked in and on SaaS businesses, helping build products, teams, and processes to scale strategy. As a professional coach, she specializes in coaching senior leaders, executives, and founders to clear their path to success.

One of the most challenging and rewarding roles for Tracy is the business of raising three daughters and contributing to a successful partnership of over twenty years while pursuing passion projects in her community.

Favorite Quote: "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman

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Vinay Nair

Vinay Nair is a seasoned executive coach empowering SaaS founders drawing upon his 20 years of industry experience founding small startups to leadership roles at global giants like IBM and Microsoft.

As a Fractional CMO and Growth Coach, he collaborates with top Canadian incubators and accelerators, providing invaluable guidance to emerging SaaS startups.

Vinay is also a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University and also pursuing his PCC credential with the ICF. 

Fun Fact: Vinay is an avid basketball fan, student of the game and driver and coach to his son and daughter who play competitive basketball and dance.

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Julien Marzouk

Julien is a seasoned business strategist & Columbia University credentialed executive coach who has empowered over 50 leadership teams in successfully scaling their businesses and expanding to new international markets. After a decade of experience working at leading consulting firms, Julien founded Kinesis Partners - a New York-based growth strategy practice that quickly became a key go-to player for European SaaS companies seeking rapid growth in the US market.

He is passionate about combining business acumen with human development and recognizing their intrinsic connection as a catalyst for achieving remarkable success.

Fun fact: Julien is an avid climber and he loves to boulder in Brooklyn with his two boys.

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