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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Top 5% Sales Talent

Are the wrong salespeople costing you thousands of dollars per month? Want the framework top recruiters use to hire ROI-positive sellers? Get your copy of The 4-Step Interview Process guide and video training now.


In this blueprint, you will learn:

  • The 4-Step Interview Process: Discover the structured approach to evaluating candidates that ensures you never miss out on potential top talent.
  • Step-by-Step Interview Process: Learn how to conduct each of the four interviews, from the General Interview to the Cultural Interview, and extract key insights about candidates.
  • Screening Questions for a Shorter Process: When time is of the essence, find out how to condense the interview process without sacrificing quality and identifying the best candidates efficiently.
  • Evaluating Core Traits: Understand how to evaluate essential traits like speed, initiative, adaptability, intrinsic motivation, job longevity, past performance, and talent magnetism during the interviews.
  • Effective Communication: Learn the art of crafting compelling interview questions that unveil a candidate's true potential and capabilities.
  • Case Studies: Explore real-world examples of how the blueprint has helped other SaaS businesses attract and hire exceptional sales talent.

About the Creator

Hi! I'm Travis Janko, Founder and CEO of GSD Coach & Recruiting. I was a successful B2B SaaS quota-carrying sales leader for over twenty years before opening my sales recruiting business. During this time I was part of a $50M Series C funding round, IPO, $317M and $3.5B acquisition. With all of the massive growth in these companies, I hired over 500 salespeople.
Since I opened my SaaS Sales Recruiting firm 8 years ago, I have helped place 100’s of the top 5% of sales talent each year

Out of all my clients, the clients growing 2x - 3x per year on average ALL have a partnership strategy in place. Highly recommend you build yours out too.

Follow The 4-Step Interview Process resource step-by-step, and you could be just a few weeks away from your most profitable revenue quarter yet!

Excited to share this one with you. Let’s go!

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