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Product Strategy Secrets to Scale Beyond 7-figure+ MRR (Without Breaking)

Introducing the Product Scalability Blueprint, your ultimate guide to conquering technical debt, managing feedback overload, and scaling efficiently.


What's Inside:

  • Scalability & Performance Insights: Learn how to handle increased user demands without compromising on performance.

  • Tackling Technical Debt: Strategies to streamline your codebase and maintain development speed.

  • Managing Feedback: Prioritize and implement user feedback without losing sight of your product vision.

  • Team Management Mastery: Efficiently allocate resources and keep your development team aligned with business goals.

  • Clear Product Vision & Strategy: Ensure your product remains aligned with your business objectives as you scale.

BONUS  |  Quick Assessments: At the end of each section, assess your product and processes to understand your current standing and determine your next steps.

About the Creator

Victor Purolnik, an engineer, product manager, entrepreneur and the founder of Trustshoring, has assisted over 300 founders in their journey to launch, raise funds, scale, and exit. His deep understanding of working with remote-first or outsourced engineering teams is unparalleled. This collaboration with SaaS Academy ensures you're getting insights from the best in the business.


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