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“Our close rate has gone through the roof; we are on track to close 100% of the demos we delivered this month!”

Bob Sullivan
Founder, MedSpa

After doing 100’s of software demos myself for my own products, I’ve discovered 5 key elements that, if you include, will instantly increase demo conversion rates and turn demos from a chore into something you and your prospect actually enjoy.

In the Rocket Demo Builder, I’m going to give you a framework for giving demos in 30 minutes (not 2 hours) that deliver multiple WOW moments, address objections, increase the value of your product, and lead to YOU getting a CC at the end.

With the Rocket Demo Builder, you’ll start hearing “Yes” at the end of demos, instead of “Looks nice, we’ll think about it. 


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  • How to develop a world-class conversion tool
  • The power of going "all in" for one year

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About the Founder


Dan Martell is the founder and CEO of SaaS Academy, the world’s #1 coaching program for B2B SaaS founders. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, triathlete, investor, husband, and father.

Dan’s a 5x SaaS founder with 3 successful exits, including companies such as Clarity.fm, Spheric, and FlowTown. Since founding SaaS Academy, he’s coached 800+ B2B SaaS founders to scale with confidence. On average, his SaaS Academy students have increased their MRR by 209% within 6 months.

You can learn more about Dan, invite him to speak at your next event, or learn more about his upcoming book by visiting his personal website.

Visit danmartell.com

On Average, SaaS Founders See A 206% Increase In Revenue In The First 6 Months.

After joining SaaS Academy, Vibhav started closing 80% of his sales demos
Vibhav Singh
Founder | XTEN-AV
Libby went from 43K MRR to almost 100K MRR in six months
Libby DeLucien
Founder | Woot Recruit
After 18 months Claudia's business grew from 10K to 120K MRR - 12x growth
Claudia King
CEO | Firmsy