SaaS Founders

Your team is secretly hoping you cancel the next meeting. Let’s fix that.

What a poorly run SaaS weekly meeting is actually costing you

Think the blank stares, painful silences, and constant shoulder-shrugging is bad? Here’s what those momentum-killing standups are actually costing you and your team:

  • About $1,500-$3,000 in wasted salaries. 2x-3x that if the rest of the morning is a slog because they’ve been nodding off and checking out mentally for the last hour.
  • Confusion about what they need to do next to move the needle. Or maybe they know what to do but feel blocked or unsupported in getting past it.
  • Feeling unseen, unheard and unappreciated. Essentially counting down till lunch break so they can secretly update their LinkedIn profile.

Bad meetings lead to bad weeks which lead to bad quarters which lead to…


Yea… you get the point.

We can talk about growth hacks and BHAGs all damn day. But unless they get distilled into a weekly sync where EVERYONE feels clear, empowered and excited to push the mission forward, then chances are you’ll be ending your quarter with layoff slips instead of whiskey sips.

5 ways the Weekly Sync™ will respark your team in less than an hour/week

  • Your team feels supported and empowered to pre-empt costly mistakes and profit-killing bottlenecks BEFORE they happen. 
  • Your team is CLEAR on what must get done to move your mission forward. 
  • Your team feels a sense of extreme ownership and accountability over their KPI’s 
  • Your team feels seen and appreciated for their efforts
  • Your team feels confident in YOU as a leader and founder. 
Weekly Sync