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"Without SaaS Academy, we would either be out of business or we would still be going around in circles"

Claudia, Founder of Firmsy

The old way of building a SaaS company

Most SaaS founders get to a point where they:

  • Are overworked, spread too thin, and doing everything themselves
  • Spending time on things that drain their energy and life instead of focusing on what they’re good at
  • Staying up until midnight scheduling demos 
  • Wake up in the morning with hundreds of tasks and not sure which one to do next
  • Hit a growth plateau
  • Wonder where their next customers are going to come from
  • Need someone who’s been where they want to go to coach them and hold them accountable for following through on their plans

There is a better way…

Imagine running a SaaS business with a team that handles the day-to-day operations and you get to wake up every day doing the things that light you up.

SaaS Academy will help you:

  • Get out of founder-led sales and growth
  • Free you from the day-to-day operations of running the business
  • Implement systems that build repeatable and scalable growth in your company 
  • Hire the right people
  • Build a step-by-step plan and show you exactly what you need to do next
  • Hold you accountable to make sure you get things done

SaaS Academy Members Scale Faster, Increase Profit, Build Better Teams and Exit Faster.

Here's how:

With the SaaS Academy program, you're going to get a combination of three things: Clarity, Certainty, and Courage. We’ve distilled the key elements of the program into a model we call The SaaS Academy Operating System™. 


The SaaS Academy OS


A Custom Growth Plan Designed For Your SaaS

The first thing you'll do when you join SaaS Academy is meet with a Strategic Coach who will look into every area of your business, then create a custom action plan for you that fits YOUR specific skill set and growth goals.

You'll also get:

  • Yearly Strategic Game Plan Session to review your Key Growth Metrics and re-align your strategy
  • Bi-Weekly Founder Check-ins to review your progress and help you get unstuck
  • Clarity Coaching Calls from our SaaS Coaches to review your deliverables, give you 1-1 feedback and keep you accountable.


Everything You Need to Implement Your Growth Plan

Once you have your custom growth plan, you'll get access to detailed step-by-step trainings and Playbooks that will show you exactly what to do.
  • Playbooks you can drop right into your SaaS to automate top of funnel, conversions and team management
  • World Class Trainings from SaaS founders and experts in every area of SaaS growth.
  • VIP Discounts on tools you need to scale, from Hubspot to CloudApp.


The Accountability to Make Sure You Get Things Done

The Secret Sauce that makes SaaS Academy unique is access to SaaS founders and coaches who will hold you accountable and push you to grow.
  • You'll get your own Dedicated Growth Coach who will follow up with you and help keep you focused on the tasks that will move the needle.
  • Connect with hundreds of successful B2B SaaS founders who have had the SAME challenges as you. Get direct access to Founders who can help you through any challenge or question
  • LIVE events where you will meet, connect with and learn from Founders in all different stages.
How We Can Help
800+ SaaS Companies Have Experienced a 9x Increase in Conversion Rate, on Average with SaaS Academy

Meet the Founder of SaaS Academy

Founded by Dan Martell – the world’s TOP SaaS coach. Scaled and exited 3 tech businesses and early investor in SaaS companies such as Udemy, Intercom, and Unbounce – SaaS Academy helps B2B SaaS founders and co-founders scale their growth… fast.


Imagine Yourself This Time Next Year…

  • Filled with an abundance of time and energy to do the things you love
  • Free from uncertainty and overwhelm
    Utilizing the most efficient and effective tools and strategies to grow your business
  • Networking with like-minded B2B SaaS founders
  • Going to inspiring events that motivate you to take things to the next level
  • Feeling confident and certain about your next stage of growth

The SaaS Academy Promise

We want you to get results fast. Our goal is to get you a return on your investment within the first 90 days of the program. That way you can reinvest the extra profit in your business to scale faster whilst unlocking more freedom for yourself.

Top Questions Founders Have About SaaS Academy

How much time will I need to invest in SaaS Academy to get results?

We encourage founders to set aside between 2-4 hours per week. 1-2 hours per week for joining growth sprints and other calls, and another 1-2 hours per week to execute on playbooks and move projects forward.

How often do we meet with a coach?

The SaaS Academy coaching cadence is outlined in the Momentum Operating Rhythm™, which provides regular strategic planning throughout the year and a constant cycle of growth sprints and clarity calls. This provides the surface area for you to engage up to twice per week with the coaching or success team in between live events.

I am involved in many mastermind groups, how is this different?

Unlike a mastermind group, SaaS Academy is a complete business growth system that combines the most important aspects of business operating systems, coaching programs, online courses, masterminds, and online communities into a holistic structure. No other program in SaaS supports founders as completely as SaaS Academy does with the right Plan, Tools, and Support to achieve success.

If I ask for help without the coach having all of the context into my business, how can I trust they are giving me the right solutions?

While you may believe your business is extremely unique, the reality is that there are fundamentals to B2B SaaS that are core to the business model. Our coaches have spent thousands of hours helping companies ranging from $10K to $1M+ in MRR across SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise sales motions and know what patterns to look for in order to diagnose growth blockers regardless of your specific industry or niche. If you’re having trouble applying the feedback and resources to your business, reach out to your success manager to let them know you’re stuck.

How do I know I’m working on the right thing?

We provide a constant feedback loop to ensure you are always clear on the most important area of your business to be working on. During game plan sessions, bi-weekly calls, and clarity coaching calls, you’ll have the opportunity to collect feedback and ensure you’re in the right place.

Will your playbooks and strategies work for my specific industry?

The playbooks in SaaS Academy are designed specifically for B2B SaaS companies selling in SMB, Mid-Market, or Enterprise sales motions. They are designed to cover the 80% of a strategy that is ubiquitous across B2B SaaS and leave 20% room for you to apply your industry-specific expertise and adapt them to your business. Your success coach, bi-weekly growth meetings, and coaching clarity calls are there to help you apply the playbooks to your business and give you feedback to close any gaps.

Can I get my team access to SaaS Academy as well?

We love when team members are excited about joining their founders in SaaS Academy and have several options for doing so. Please ask your Growth Specialist for more info.

What if the scheduled calls aren’t compatible with my time zone?

All of our sessions are recorded for asynchronous consumption so you never miss a beat. If you’re having timezone challenges and need to attend a live call, reach out to your success manager to see how we can help.

Do I have to attend in-person live events?

Live event attendance has been one of the common threads among all of our most successful clients and is a critical component of the program. While we understand that travel can be difficult, and you may not always be able to make it - we strongly encourage you to attend in-person events if you want to maximize your success.