SaaS Academy Has a Program Designed for You

We offer three primary programs for B2B SaaS founders depending on your stage of business and stage of growth. Here are some ways we can help you on your growth journey:

Growth Accelerator

In the Growth Accelerator program, you’ll learn to leverage repeatable systems and playbooks to accelerate growth and scale to $10k MRR and above. The Growth Accelerator program is perfect for you if you…

  • Have a product but NOT a repeatable customer acquisition engine
  • Have no or low product-market fit
  • Are mostly reliant on founder-led initiatives
  • Primarily work IN the business, not ON the business
  • Have 1-2 founders plus dev. staff
  • Need to learn to develop a team and company that's designed to scale

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For Founders Under $10k MRR

SaaS Academy Program

If you have a product, some traction, and a growing team, SaaS Academy is where you’ll discover how to dramatically scale your company through the A.C.E.S. growth engine (Attract, Convert, Expand, Scale). If you’re already at (or above) $10k MRR, SaaS Academy is here to help you scale your growth. SaaS Academy is perfect if you are...

  • Using founder-led sales and founder-led customer success
  • Burning money on G2 and Capterra (not leveraging reviews well)
  • In need of strategies, resources, and coaching support to easily (and smoothly) scale with confidence
  • Building a repeatable and scalable customer acquisition strategy
  • Wanting to grow your revenue consistently and predictably

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For Founders Above $10k MRR

SaaS Boardroom

The Boardroom is for high-level SaaS founders already at $250k MRR (or more) and looking to optimize their revenue engines and build escape velocity in their business.

In Boardroom, you’ll work alongside Dan Martell and team to become a better leader, more efficiently manage your team, and build an empire and legacy you’re proud of.

The Boardroom program is invitation-only.

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For Founders Above $250k MRR

Program Events

Whether you’re just getting your startup off the ground, scaling to $25k MRR, or working towards the perfect exit so you can build your legacy, our SaaS Academy intensives can help you get there faster (and with more support!).

Happening three times a year in locations all over North America, these private online and in-person events are an integral part of your SaaS Academy program.

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Our Programs Are Trusted by B2B SaaS Founders

We grew from 1.3 million in recurring revenue to over $2M in recurring revenue in just over a year.
Founder & CEO | Clearview Social
When we joined SaaS Academy, we were at 10K MRR. We’ve been in for about 18 months and we’re at 120K MRR.
Founder & CEO | Automio
The biggest ROI for me is I feel like I’ve got the business and the team that’s going to line me up for success in the future.
Co-Founder & CEO | WebinarNinja

Ready to Elevate Your Results?

On average, SaaS Academy clients experience amazing results ... fast! What would these metrics mean for your SaaS business?

32% drop in churn rate
57% increase in customer acquisition
9x conversion rate