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Our Core Values


Customer Backwards


All In, All The Time


Candid Communicators


Machine Builders


Intentionally Bold

When you join SaaS Academy you get…


Fully Remote


Flexible Working Hours


Unlimited Time Off Policy


$1000 Annual Wellness & Productivity Stipend


Retirement Benefits


Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits

The SaaS Academy Culture Code

How We Hire

You’ll go through our recruiting process in the following order. Certain positions might have small variations to the process, but most positions are similar to the steps below.

Step 1: Application Review

This is an opportunity to show us how your background fits in with what we’re looking for in our new hire. You’ll provide a resume to showcase what you’ve done elsewhere.

Please note: a 1-minute video is required for consideration. See how to CRUSH your application to SaaS Academy.

Step 2: 15-Minute Initial Chat

You’ll have a 15-minute call to discuss a high-level overview of your experience and if you’ll be a good match to join the team. We’ll cover expectations, what you’ll need to succeed, and what working on the team might look like.

Step 3: Strengths Tests

You’ll then be sent two complete tests from the Predictive Index (PI), which should only take you about 20 minutes. The first test is for gauging how you interact and do work, and the second test is to find out your learning preference.

Step 4: 30-Minute Video Call

At this step, you’ll have a conversation with your future direct manager to get to know each other and discuss the ideal test project to get the ball rolling.

Step 5: Test Project

This is your (paid) opportunity to work with us as if you’re already a member of our team. It’s just as important for us to see what it's like to work with you as it is for you to see what it's like to work with us! Give the test project your best shot, and if things go well, we’ll make you an offer.

Step 6: Final Call with the CEO

You’ll have a conversation with Johnny Page, our CEO. 

Step 7: Offer

You’ve completed a test project, and we enjoy working together. At this point, you’ll receive an official offer from our team that, if you accept, will be the start of a rewarding and exciting experience.

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