Dan Martell

Dan Martell is a renowned coach and founder of SaaS Academy, celebrated for his expertise in scaling B2B SaaS businesses and significant contributions as an angel investor.
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Dan's journey in the tech world is studded with notable achievements, including founding and scaling three technology companies within a decade. Awarded as Canada's top angel investor in 2012, he's invested in over 50 startups like Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce. His leadership at SaaS Academy has positioned it as a premier coaching entity globally.


Martell's expertise lies in driving SaaS businesses to success. With his direction, SaaS Academy clients often see a 200%+ increase in MRR within months. His entrepreneurial ventures include Clarity.fm, Spheric Technologies, and Flowtown, all exhibiting successful exits. His tenure at High Speed Ventures since May 2021 further showcases his leadership in acquiring and operating world-class SaaS companies.


Beyond business, Dan is an Ironman athlete and philanthropist. He's not just about scaling businesses, but also scaling life's challenges. His engagement in fitness and family life, with his role as a husband and father, adds a personal touch to his professional image. Dan's insights and guidance extend beyond the business world, making him a holistic mentor and an influential figure in the SaaS community.

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