Joe Marilla

Joe Marilla, the Growth Marketing Manager at SaaS Academy, is renowned for his capacity to boost revenue and his extensive experience with omni-channel campaigns.



At SaaS Academy, Joe Marilla stands out for his expertise in creating impactful marketing strategies that notably drive revenue growth. With a decade of experience, including key roles at SeamlessMD, Blackbaud, and Grassriots Inc., Joe has a proven track record in elevating marketing for various mission-driven organizations.


Joe’s strategic work in marketing has consistently produced remarkable outcomes, especially in audience growth and revenue generation. His success is rooted in his abilities in Marketing Strategy, Data Presentation, and Mass Email Marketing. His contributions in developing B2B Demand Generation playbooks and executing digital strategies have significantly transformed the marketing landscapes of the companies he's worked with.


Beyond his professional roles, Joe actively engages in the marketing community by addressing queries and sharing insights, particularly through platforms like LinkedIn, thus establishing himself as a key resource and influencer in the field.

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