Matt Verlaque

Tech visionary Matt Verlaque excels in transforming the B2B SaaS landscape, bringing a unique blend of innovation and leadership to the sector.
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Matt began his professional path in a distinctly different arena, dedicating over a decade to firefighting and emergency services, a testament to his dynamic resilience and adaptability. Transitioning his grit and leadership skills, he ventured into technology and entrepreneurship. His academic endeavors at Drexel University, coupled with an A.S. in Emergency Medical Technology from the College of Southern Maryland, paved the way for his diverse career trajectory.


Verlaque's professional journey is marked by impressive versatility. He co-founded UpLaunch, a specialized CRM solution for the fitness industry, which achieved significant success and was acquired in 2020. Presently, as COO of SaaS Academy and co-founder of High Speed Ventures, he applies his rich experiences to elevate B2B SaaS startups. His strategic insights and operational acumen are shaping the future of tech entrepreneurship.


Outside of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Matt is deeply committed to his family, being a dedicated husband and father to three boys. His personal life reflects his humor and down-to-earth personality, identifying as the "world’s okayest triathlete" and embracing the joys and challenges of balancing a dynamic career with an active family life.

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