3 Things A Business Must Do To Be Successful

3 Things A Business Must Do To Be Successful

The other week I had the privilege of having Greg Crabtree, the author of Simple Numbers, over to my house for dinner.

What I love about Greg is how he simplifies everything down to its core essence…

… or a farm analogy 🙂

I absolutely love the way he teaches and tells stories.

He’s from Huntsville, Alabama and grew up on a chicken farm.

Actually, one of my favourite analogies he mentioned was…

“It’s like riding a wild pig off a cliff!”

He made this comment in reference to running your business at 5% net profit margins.

Definitely made me smile.

However, one of my favourite things he shared with us was his view on the purpose of a business.

It was so simple, yet so powerful.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you in this week’s video.

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Greg argues that every business has to do these 3 things:

1. You need to create something the market wants.
2. You need to do it at a profit.
3. You need to tell the market about it.

So simple, eh?

Yet many entrepreneurs violate these key actions.

Some build businesses that don’t make a profit.

Others create products that nobody wants.

Or worse, they actually have a great business, built with a profitable business model

… but they DON’T DO MARKETING??!!!!

That last one blows my mind.

(I’m looking at you… you know who you are!)

So that’s why I wanted to share these with you, with the hopes of having you re-prioritize your work to ensure you’re nailing all 3.

My mission in life is to help entrepreneurs profitably scale their businesses.

Greg’s 3 step formula makes this crystal clear what to work on.

Have an incredible day!


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