Joel Smith

Joel Smith is a triple founder and SaaS Academy Product Coach, dedicated to growing SaaS companies and enriching founder lives.



Joel's career is highlighted by his commitment to enhancing the human aspect of technology and entrepreneurship. With three successful business ventures, including Pixel Envy and Design On Tap, he has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to community-focused technology projects. His experiences have been focused on bringing more humanity into the tech space, aiding numerous SaaS startups.


Smith’s expertise centers around coaching and consulting in the SaaS domain, where he has significantly contributed to the growth and strategic direction of several bootstrapped SaaS companies. His tenure at SaaS Academy and Design On Tap underscores his proficiency in product design and research challenges for SaaS founders. As a Board Advisor for Agile Marketing Indy, he further expanded his influence in process-oriented marketing and creative strategies.


Apart from his professional pursuits, Joel Smith’s ethos revolves around creating massive value and usefulness through technology, believing in living a life of satisfaction and fulfillment. His invitation for like-minded individuals to collaborate suggests his dedication to not only growing businesses but also nurturing a supportive, value-driven community. Joel's leadership style and personal philosophy emphasize not just entrepreneurial success but a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle, reflecting a holistic approach to both professional and personal growth.

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