Marcel Petitpas

Marcel Petitpas is a seasoned consultant, Co-Founder & CEO of Parakeeto, renowned for enhancing profitability and operational efficiency in creative and digital agencies.
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As CEO & Co-Founder of Parakeeto, Marcel Petitpas specializes in optimizing agency profitability. He also brings his expertise to Gold Front as a fractional COO and serves as the head strategic coach at SaaS Academy. His deep involvement in agency operations, coupled with his skill in business coaching, positions him as a key figure in driving agency and SaaS business growth.


Petitpas's experience at Parakeeto involves refining agencies' financial and operational systems, making them more efficient and profitable. His work with Gold Front enhances their operational excellence, ensuring world-class creative output. At SaaS Academy, he coaches B2B SaaS companies, propelling them toward significant growth. Marcel's impact extends through his roles as a speaker, podcast host, and consultant, where he shares his vast knowledge on agency profitability optimization, further solidifying his status as an industry expert.


In his consulting and speaking engagements, Marcel focuses on essential metrics and strategies for service businesses, helping agencies not only to increase their profits but also to achieve sustainable growth. His podcast, "The Agency Profit Podcast," delves into effective strategies for service business mastery. Marcel's approachable and educational style, combined with actionable insights, makes him a sought-after thought leader and consultant in the agency space.

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