Matthew McCaffer

Matthew McCaffer is a distinguished Director of Sales, noted for his strategic leadership in sales transformation and exceptional revenue generation within the SaaS sector.


With significant roles at SaaS Academy, Think Consulting, and International Development Services, Inc., Matthew has consistently demonstrated excellence in management consulting, strategic hiring, and sales team leadership. His proficiency in CRM Integration, Customer Relationship Management, and leadership underscores his diverse skill set.


Matthew's rich experience includes impactful stints as Senior Executive and Director of Sales, where he notably advanced business development and revenue generation. He started his career at Vector Marketing, rapidly rising through sales and managerial roles. Academically, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Lycoming College, where he also engaged in varied activities, reflecting a broad range of interests and abilities.


Dedicated to giving back, Matthew has been an active volunteer with Habitat for Humanity International, contributing significantly to disaster and humanitarian relief efforts. This involvement reflects his strong commitment to community service and making a positive impact beyond his professional sphere.

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