A Founder’s Guide to Impactful 1-1 Meetings With Their Direct Reports

A Founder’s Guide to Impactful 1-1 Meetings With Their Direct Reports

Does this sound familiar?

You have a high-output employee working for your company and then suddenly they lose interest and stop performing the way they used to.

Or, even worse… they quit unexpectedly. 

You never saw it coming and – BAM – the tyres blow out and your business screeches to a halt while you try to figure out what went wrong.

I’ve experienced this in my own businesses.

And I see it all the time in others too! I coach 100+ software founders doing between $1MM and $10MM in Annual Recurring Revenue and trust me:

…it happens all the time.

If you want to grow and scale your business, then inevitably you’re going to invest in your people

And that means it’s your responsibility to stay in touch with their thoughts, feelings, and job satisfaction. Even if that means hiring managers to do this for you, it’s still your responsibility.

How do you do that? How do you make sure that your finger is on the pulse?


With properly structured One-on-Ones.

Let me show you how you can turn just a couple of hours into a massive boost in your company’s productivity that lasts months, prevents failure, and cranks up morale:



Exclusive Download: 1:1 Meeting Planner™ – Quickly Outline Your Meetings With Your Direct Reports To Make Sure The Entire Team is Working on The Right Things

In this video, I outline the keys to efficient One-on-Ones. The 5 that make the shortlist are:

  1. Meeting Flow
  2. Capture @Agenda
  3. Skip a Level
  4. Connect the Future
  5. Your Performance

Literally a single conversation can increase your employee’s output tenfold. Even if it’s just because your employees know that they’ve been heard.

It’s too important to not do this.

Ben Horowitz, the cofounder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, says he has fired managers in the past for not doing their one-on-ones with employees.

And Andy Grove, the CEO of Intel, dedicated a whole chapter to one-on-ones in his book High Output Management.

If you’re not using one-on-ones properly, then I hate to say it…

But you’re not in touch with your own company.

Don’t panic. I’ve got you sorted with this week’s video. Take a few mins to check it out, and don’t forget to drop a comment to let me know what you think.

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