The 3 Stories Every Entrepreneur Needs To Nail

The 3 Stories Every Entrepreneur Needs To Nail

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that storytelling plays a HUGE part in your marketing.

And with good reason.

Done right, storytelling has the power to attract investors, create raving fans, crystallize your team and puts extra zeros on your bottom line.

Key word: Done right.

And sure, you can spend the first half of 2016 getting your Joseph Campbell on (hint: The Hero’s Journey is far less intimidating on kindle)…

… but if your goal is to NAIL the essentials of storytelling and familiarize yourself with the 3 stories vital for any startup founder to have in their backpocket

Then let me introduce you to the quick and dirty guide that can be uploaded to your grey matter faster than the back cover of the aforementioned Hero’s Journey.

And now that you know the 3 stories you need to nail, your next step is to TELL THEM as often as you can…

… podcast interviews
… live events
facebook groups
…. with journalists
…. email marketing

Essentially EVERYONE!

Exclusive Bonus: Click here to download my free guide to creating an authority-building presentation in 15 minutes.

The more often you share your story, the more NATURAL it will start to flow, and the more impact it will have.

At the end of the day, investors, team members and customers intuitively WANT to connect to you and your product.

Your job is to make that entry point so damn exciting that it lures them in and never lets them off the hook.

The way you do that is with a powerful story.

Commit to telling one today, and solidify it in the comments below by telling me which of the 3 types you plan to start using.

Rock it hard. Rock it loud.

To your hero’s journey…

… (and the heroic outcomes it produces)


P.S. While most entrepreneurs already have some spin of the first type of story, I rarely see a founder telling the second one (mentioned at 3:28 of the video). Do this well and you’ll immediately set yourself apart from others in the eyes of potential investors and partners.

P.P.S. At some point in your entrepreneurial journey (if you haven’t already), you’ll find yourself telling your story from the stage. After giving hundreds of talks over the last few years, here are my best lessons on how to create a winning presentation in just 15 minutes.

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