6 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn To Build a Million Dollar Company

6 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn To Build a Million Dollar Company

I can still remember the moment I became a millionaire.

It took 10 years of failing, getting back up, testing, iterating till finally at 27 years old it happened.

I can still remember the specific moment when I found out.

I was cruising in my broke down, decade old Jetta when my accountant Marc called me to break the news.

He was more excited for me than I was only because he knew how hard I had been working.

Also, he knew in the beginning that I almost lost it all after booking a bunch of revenue and sitting on receivables that were delayed in getting paid.

It almost killed the business.

To say it was a tough journey would be an understatement but what I want to share are the 6 skills that my mentors taught me about creating wealth.

Now, if you know me well, you’ll quickly learn that I don’t give a shit about money (hence the secondhand Jetta).

I’m not into fancy watches, cars, etc… but I do have an addiction to the latest Apple gear :).

For me money is really an opportunity to measure the value I’m creating in the world through my business, and gives me a feedback loop as to my growth as a person.

What’s even more important than dollars and cents are the skills and habits I’ve developed to get there.

So I wanted to share them in this video.

Here’s why… no matter what happens to my business, you can never take these skills away from me.

They’re mine and they continue to pay dividends.

If you want to up your entrepreneurial game, then you’ll need to become a master of these 6 skills:

  1. Learn: Autodidacts: Self Educate / Best For Them
  2. People: Know How To Hire & Lead
  3. Communicate: They Communicate Clearly
  4. Big thinking! The key is to see it in your mind and HOLD IT!
  5. Numbers: You can’t grow a business without learning to read a P&L. (or have someone read it to you! 🙂 )
  6. Sales. Nothing happens till something is sold. Hiring. Partnerships. Investors. They all require you to sell.  It’s one of the most powerful skills.

Now, if you feel like you’re behind on a few of these, don’t worry about it… it’s a life long journey.

Even though I’ve read over 100 books on selling, you have access to YouTube and incredible mentors who share daily on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

That means you can move faster than I did.

So my question to you is this…

What are you going to do to improve your skills?

Leave a comment and let me know which you want to improve with 3 actions you can take today.

If you have any questions, just post below and I’ll help provide some insights.


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