Churn Management 101: Identify & Save At-Risk Accounts Before They Cancel

Churn Management 101: Identify & Save At-Risk Accounts Before They Cancel

“HELP! I’m losing customers in the pandemic!”

As a SaaS Coach, I worked very closely with a lot of software founders who are nervous that their businesses won’t ever recover from coronavirus.

Customers are cancelling, accounts are drying up, and prospects are turning into dust.

We have never seen a global economic meltdown quite like this one… so the concern is 100% justified.

But listen to me: You are not powerless.

Today I’m going to give you a crystal ball.

I’m going to share my go-to system for identifying ALL of your at-risk customers before they cancel… and then how to save those accounts.

It’s like predicting the future and fixing it all at once.

I’ve been using this system with my SaaS clients to help them crush their churn rates to below 1%.

even in the middle of a pandemic.

Watch the latest video below and I’ll walk you through how to maximize your customer retention.



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In this video, you’re going to learn:

  • How to maximize customer retention + profits
  • How to find out WHY customers are unhappy
  • What to say that will win them back
  • What a critical event is
  • Why churn has nothing to do with software
  • How to identify red flags as early as possible
  • How to use accountability to save ANY customer

The trick is to have a system that alerts your support team when customers exhibit specific pre-churn behaviours, such as not logging in for a set amount of time, disengaging from support chat, or visiting cancellation pages.

Customers that meet enough of those conditions are in the danger zone.

As soon as those red flags appear, you then need to execute the Red Playbook – a system to save those accounts, correct the relationship and turn them back into raving fans.

With the right playbook, at-risk customers won’t have a good reason to cancel.

A system like this works.

Now more than ever, you’ve got to stay ahead of your at-risk risk customers and spot the red flags early.

Your business depends on it.

Remember, I’m here to help. If you’re tearing out your hair and not sure what to do with your business, reach out to me and my team.

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