The 4-Part Framework For Making Bold Decisions

The 4-Part Framework For Making Bold Decisions

Decisions dictate outcomes.

Let that one sink in for a sec, and then reflect back to the last major decision you made and how it impacted your life.

Chances are, that for every major success you can point back to, you can link it to a corresponding decision that paved the path for that success to occur.

But what about all those big decisions you didn’t make?

Couldn’t make.

The ones that loomed so large that the only viable option was to dig your head in the sand and wait for the opportunity to pass.

… The decision to take outside investment
… To allow a new partner to join your small team
… To relocate your family to a new city
… To sell your company or keep building it

Well here’s the truth.
Wantrepreneurs hold off on making big decisions

Good entrepreneurs approach them cautiously and wrestle between action and inaction.

But the BEST entrepreneurs rely on solid frameworks to ensure they always act boldly, decisively, and in harmony with their highest vision and values.

And today, I want to show you how for the REST of your entrepreneurial journey, you too can act from that highest place.

This isn’t to say that hard decisions will ever become EASY.

But when you filter your big decisions between this 4-Step Ringer, you CAN guarantee that your decisions are met with more confidence, conviction and commitment.

So there you have it.

I challenge you to step up and leave a comment below letting me know which decision you’ll make today using this framework.

And if you know anyone else struggling to pull the trigger on a major life decision, then give them a hand and share this with them today.

To your big decisions (and the badass outcomes they breed),

– Dan


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