5 Strategies To Build a Strong Board of Directors

5 Strategies To Build a Strong Board of Directors

If you’re about to assemble a board of directors, or you already have one…

I bet this is your worst nightmare:

Struggling through a slide deck while investors attack you for three hours straight.

… sweating under your shirt hoping it doesn’t seep through.

And let’s not forget:

– Investors forcing your hand with their short-term vision.

– “Observer” board members disrupting your meeting and chiming in to sound smart.

– And members talking a lot asking questions already sent in the board deck.


For some founders, meeting with their board is the WORST day of the quarter.

I’ve even had a client tell me his board warned him they’d replace him if he didn’t…

Okay, enough horror.

This doesn’t have to be your board.

Today I’m going to share with you how to assemble your board, the right way.

So that your board supports you as a CEO – instead of draining you.

I’ve been sitting on boards for years. And I’ve had my share of assembling boards with 2 of my last venture-back companies.

Here’s my take.



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On today’s menu:

  1. Fight For The Biz.
  2. Odd Or Even?
  3. Value Adders vs Meeting Disruptors
  4. How To Balance Your Board
  5. Equity Or Cash?

Build your board right and you’ll have a strategic asset propelling your company forward…

Build it wrong, and you could just send your company down the tubes.

So, if you’ve got questions like:

How do you go about assembling your board? 

How should you treat board members?

Should you compensate them?

All these things, and more, we’ll dive into in this week’s video.

How To Assemble A Board >>>

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