5 Tips to Convince Your Customers to Review Your SaaS Product (and Increase Social Proof)

5 Tips to Convince Your Customers to Review Your SaaS Product (and Increase Social Proof)

Try this theoretical A/B test in your mind.

The control is your SaaS product as it is right now. The ‘B’ variation is your exact same business…

…but with hundreds of 3rd party product review sites publishing in-depth reviews of your software.

Let’s get clear on this: You aren’t writing these reviews.

Other people are.

These reviews are shared on blogs, social media, and on YouTube. The publishers of these reviews are driving their own traffic.

Without changing anything about your product, here’s how your ‘B’ variation is better:

  • Your website ranks higher on Google
  • You get more traffic and product awareness
  • You convert more paying customers

Why? These product review sites have their own marketing strategies, attract and educate the exact kind of people your product is for, and link directly to your site.

It’s like recruiting an army of marketers without paying a dime!

If you aren’t leveraging word-of-mouth marketing through product reviews… then you’re leaving money on the table.

But there are some very specific best practices to make sure you get the most out of customer reviews.

What are they? Check out this week’s video to find out.



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To leverage product reviews and accelerate your company growth, these are the 5 cornerstone techniques:

  1. Capture Feedback
  2. Craft Profile
  3. Grease Flow
  4. Leverage Reviews
  5. Maintain Momentum

As a SaaS coach, I’ve seen many of my clients using reviews to drive demand and volume for their signups, trials, and demos.

I’ve always done this with my own software companies too, even asking for reviews and encouraging our customer base to be vocal with their product experience.

There’s one major takeaway I want you to get from this video, though.

Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for reviews. 

Create an environment that makes them happen.

Have you thought about leveraging product reviews? Leave a comment on the video with your story. Looking forward to hearing it.

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