The 7 Customer Success Metrics That Actually Matter for SaaS Companies

The 7 Customer Success Metrics That Actually Matter for SaaS Companies

If you want to stop an investor like me dead in their tracks, show them these 7 numbers.

With the right combination, they’ll fall over themselves to throw money at you.

Beg to invest.

Yes, even in the middle of a pandemic, when the world feels like it’s balancing on a knife’s edge…

These 7 numbers will show me your entire company’s health.

Scribble it on a napkin, drop it right in front of me…

And I’ll tell you: Yes or No.

I’m talking about the top 7 customer success metrics you need to measure. 

I don’t care what you read about a CEO in magazines, how many Maseratis they own, or if they flew in on a private jet.

These numbers are the matrix code that reveal the TRUTH about any company.

I’m telling you right now, in your inbox, from me to you–

If you aren’t measuring these customer success metrics, you don’t know your own business.

So this video is for you. These are the numbers you’ve got to start measuring ASAP, including what they are and how to track them:



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The reason the 7-number password can unlock an investment frenzy it because it immediately tells me:

  1. How good your product is
  2. How I can help you earn more
  3. Your growth potential
  4. Where to unlock lost revenue streams
  5. If you’ll survive a new competitor in the market
  6. What marketing opportunities you can leverage
  7. What holes need plugging in your revenue

Over the last 5-7 years, I’ve been involved in hiring over 50+ CSMs (Customer Success Managers) across my portfolio of 40+ investments and my own companies.

To make sure that any CSM I hire will hit the ground running, I just say “These are the 7 metrics I need you to measure – find the numbers and report them back to me.”

The simple act of knowing these numbers makes it painfully obvious where you need to turn your attention.

Get a notepad and pen ready and start the video here.


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