How To Choose An Idea If The Solution Already Exists

How To Choose An Idea If The Solution Already Exists

Do you think Google was the first search engine? the first online vacation rental site? Dropbox the first online file storage company?

No. No. No.

Why does this matter?

Because it’s the most common excuse wantrapreneurs like to give for staying on the sidelines.  

“Someone’s already doing this… it already exists.” is their reason.


It’s nothing but a convenient cop-out that keeps you from making your biggest impact.

If anything, I get pumped when I see competitors, especially big ones making bank.

It means there’s a market.

It means I can hire their top staff.

It means I have competition to make me better.

How do you compete?

That’s what I cover in this week’s video.

If you’re still struggling to find a way to make a meaningful dent in your competitive market, leave a comment with your challenges and I’ll reply with my thoughts.

Be sure to provide context so I can be ultra specific in my recommendations.

Here’s to the crazy ones who go into battle when the guns are shooting!



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