Strategic Planning: The 6 Key Elements To Business Growth

Strategic Planning: The 6 Key Elements To Business Growth

“Never begin the day until it is finished on paper.” ~ Jim Rohn (click to tweet)


That quote cuts through the noise and sets the foundation for everything else in business.

If you want to grow your business, you need a goal, a strategy and a way to review and monitor your progress.

It’s a rhythm for success.

That’s what I want to teach you today.

Probably the easiest way to plan, schedule and manage your business growth… even if you’ve failed to follow through on every new productivity hack, system or planner you swore would be “the one”.

No crazy fancy spreadsheets… just a simple paper and a pen and a few calendar entries with a simple game plan.

Your business growth is waiting for you in this video.

At a high level, the strategy looks like this…

  1. Have a vision
  2. Set a high-level 3 year plan
  3. Define a detailed 12 month schedule
  4. Review quarterly
  5. Meet weekly
  6. Connect daily

In the video I dive deeper into each, and how to design and manage them for maximal “stickability” and momentum.

But here’s the high level process…

Start big picture then work your way down to higher fidelity of what’s planned for the near term.

Leave me a comment with some of your big plans / outcomes for this year?

What are you gunning for?

What gets you excited!?

Can’t wait to read your replies.



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