Lean Learning: Just in Time vs. Just in Case

Lean Learning: Just in Time vs. Just in Case

As entrepreneurs, we can get pretty damn obsessive about our growth and learning.

Stacking our kindles with the hottest titles from the business bestseller list…

… and secretly (or shamefully) looking forward to our next cross-atlantic flight where we’ll finally have a chance to catch up on all those latest reads.

But as entrepreneurs, we’re also pretty devout at finding efficiencies and maximizing the return on every investment.

Which makes it kind of crazy how we haven’t learnt how to properly combine the two.

Until now.

Today. I want to introduce you to the concept of JITL and the 3 steps you can take right now to uplevel the way you consume knowledge… and apply it.

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So here’s the gist:

Instead of immersing yourself in knowledge that you’ll (maybe) someday use, JITL is about soaking up ONLY the information and insights that will pay immediate dividends.

It’s about strategically aligning your learning to create instant impact on the projects most pressing to you and your business…

… and leveraging the people and resources around you to absorb that knowledge faster (without falling down the rabbit hole or chasing shiny objects).

As a kicker… since you’re implementing the knowledge right away and engaging with other experts to reinforce it (see Step 3), not only will you learn things quicker, but you’ll also retain them longer.

So watch it now and use this technique on your next BIG learning project.

From Facebook ads to financial forecasting.

And enjoy an explosive uptick on your ROL (Return on Learning).

To learning lean and winning big,

— Dan

P.S. Leave a comment below and let me know the next big project that you plan to use the JITL strategy on.

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