How To Find & Close Early Adopters For Your B2B SaaS

How To Find & Close Early Adopters For Your B2B SaaS

Think of how easy it would be to scale if you could say…

“Google is one of our customers.”

(Or an early adopter equivalent in your industry.)


There are some early adopters out there…

And if you can sign them on as a customer (or strategic partner) they’ll bring all your other perfect-fit customers along with them.

You go from “some solution” to “THE solution”.

… and you might even have to turn off your marketing so your sales team doesn’t drown in deals.

It all starts when you sign one of these key accounts.

The challenge?

Finding them.

What should you look for in early adopters?

And how do you get them saying “yes” BEFORE you even have a working demo?

That’s what Luca and I hashed out on a recent 1-1 call.

Here’s exactly what to do to find early adopters. >>>



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Not going to give away the meat of this video here…

But if you’re curious, we’ll be talking about:

  1. Understanding The Technology Adoption Curve
  2. Zoning In On Your Perfect Fit Customers
  3. Success Is About Sequencing.
  4. Your Revenue Model
  5. How/When To Start Pricing For Profit

Luca’s building a company that provides carpooling services for employees.

He already has funding from Shark Tank’s Romanian equivalent.

Now comes the challenge:

Signing some heavy hitters.

Whether you’re still working on your MVP, or you’ve been in the game for years…

In today’s call, I want to give you the keys to all the authority, positioning, and demand you dream of for your SaaS business.

I don’t want to give you a fish. I want to teach you how to fish.

Watch this week’s video and let me know your biggest takeaway in the comments. 


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