The 3M Framework To Managing Your Team

The 3M Framework To Managing Your Team

If you want to build a massively successful startup, then you NEED to have a strong team pulling the rope behind you.

Consider that a non-negotiable truth of the startup game.

And it doesn’t matter how amazing, talented and driven you think you are.

You can’t accomplish your vision on your own.

So it stands to reason, that as a founder, until you learn how to get the most out of your team, you’ll be severely handicapped in what you can accomplish.

And even though I KNEW this, it wasn’t until pretty recently that I actually developed the skillset (and mindset) to lead my team effectively.

In fact, back in my days at Spheric, I had to hire a manager just to act as a buffer between myself and the rest of the team.

(I’m told I can be a little “passionate” if you know what I mean)

So to save you the struggle and short track your learning curve I shot you a video outlining the hard-earned lessons of how to manage a winning team:

As you can see, everything hinges on these 3M’s:

1. Meetings (and the 4 types you absolutely must have plugged into your sched)

2. Message (and how to make sure your team members are always 100% clear on what a win looks like)

3. Motivation (and how to go beyond the ra-ra pump up tactics to actually make sure your team members share your vision and are committed to its execution)

So if you currently manage a team (or plan to in the future), then give this a quick spin to upgrade your leadership skills and learn how to lead your team towards BIGGER, more consistent wins.

If you know a fellow entrepreneur who’s struggling to get his team on the same page (or delegate effectively), do them a favor and link them up to the vid.

And if you have any bonus strategies that you use to get the most out of your own team, then I’d love it if you can share it with me in the comments below.

To winning teams… and the founders that lead them!

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