Offsites That Work: 5 Step Guide to Planning a Team Retreat Your Employees Will Love

Offsites That Work: 5 Step Guide to Planning a Team Retreat Your Employees Will Love

I have a confession…

In my mid-20s, I was the worst leader.

I was trying to run a team and was wildly out-of-touch with so-called “good leadership”. I just didn’t know it yet.

I held a team offsite, a getaway with the executive team to reflect on the quarter, set goals and come away reinvigorated.

It didn’t work.

My fault.

I tried to force passion on the team, crack the whip on our productivity and focus on project management.

In my mind, maximizing company efficiency was something we could achieve in a day if we worked hard enough. I was SO wrong.

But I noticed something else… 

Our exec team had a chance to hang out like friends, drop their professional behaviour and get to know each without the daily demands of their work.

This had a greater impact on the growth of my company, more than anything else at that offsite.

It was as simple as building relationships. 

I mean… duh, Dan! It’s obvious to me now.

Building relationships has become my #1 focus for ANY team offsite that I hold.

I’ve got it down to a fine strategy and I’ll show you what that is in today’s video, including an exercise that I insist everyone does at every company offsite I organize. Check it out!



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Here are the 5 components of a successful team offsite:

  • Prep The Plan
  • Paint The Vision
  • Build Trust
  • Re-Test
  • Map Closure

Great leadership is a strategic advantage. I honestly believe that.

If you take two competing companies, one with good leadership and employee morale and one without…

I guarantee you that the one with good leadership will confront problems with more confidence, innovate more frequently and get more sh*t done.

How can you weather the storms of business if you don’t trust your team? If you don’t have a sense of camaraderie, honesty and support with your fellow team members?

This drives growth more than ANYTHING else.

If you aren’t holding company offsites at regular intervals, I suggest you try it. Start with just one and watch what a difference it can make.

Hope this video helps you build those valuable team relationships, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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