Top SaaS Startup Communities For Business Owners in 2024

Top SaaS Startup Communities For Business Owners in 2024

Starting and running your own SaaS business can be exciting and rewarding. But the process also comes with lots of challenges that can make you want to toss in the towel more than once. Surrounding yourself with the right people who can encourage your efforts and help provide you with solid direction can be key.  SaaS startup communities for business owners can be a great place to find support and resources. Here, you can receive effective feedback, bounce your ideas off participants, and learn from the experience of others. Check out where SaaS founders hang out, some of the best online communities, and more, below.

What are SaaS Communities?

SaaS communities are online hangout spaces for SaaS founders and people working in SaaS companies. These communities allow those who are involved with a company that uses the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model to share ideas and advice to help you get ahead. In a SaaS community, entrepreneurs and founders can find tips, inspiration, and practical suggestions that can help lead to increased sales and success.

Where do SaaS founders hang out?

Many SaaS founders can be located hanging out in their local coffee shop, at the gym, and on the couch in their own living room. But this doesn’t help if you’re searching for them online! You can find SaaS founders congregating in places like Slack groups, Facebook groups, LinkedIn communities, webinars, and other independent online platforms. SaaS founders tend to hang out where the ideas are flowing and feedback is constructive.

What are the benefits of a SaaS community?

By joining a SaaS founders club, you can connect with like-minded individuals who are facing similar challenges, or who have gone the same route before you.  Being part of this type of community can allow you to seek the feedback of other people if and when you get stuck. Are you trying to scale your business or startup but you’re not sure which step to take first (or next)? Are you interested in optimizing your revenue engines in a different way?
In a founders’ community, it’s likely that someone else has done the same and can share their story of pitfalls and successes with you.
If you’re running a more developed and established SaaS company, you may find the opportunity to help guide others rewarding. You can make new friends and discover new opportunities.

Trending SaaS Communities

Looking for the best? Check out our list of top trending SaaS communities to join in 2024. These places offer the ideal opportunity to network and get ahead!

Scaling SaaS Founders

If you're a SaaS founder looking to scale your business, the SaaS Academy Scaling SaaS Founders Facebook community is for you. This free group connects founders worldwide through an [ASK] and [GIVE] model: you either seek advice or offer expertise.

The community ensures valuable interactions by banning outside "viral" content and promotional posts for "beta" users. Founded with the mission to support 1 million SaaS founders, this group is a resource for advice, networking, and collaboration. Join today to connect with like-minded individuals and help your SaaS business grow.


MastermindJam is like a Meetup platform for online founders. As a SaaS entrepreneur, you can join a mastermind group online community to access coaching, feedback, and more. These communities can help you stay accountable to your vision and go for growth. Access private video meetings, goal tracking, private group matching, weekly check ins, groups for female SaaS founders, indie SaaS founders, and a global community of like-minded souls.

SaaS Invaders

Part of success is paying a reasonable price for the goods and services needed to run your business. To access deals that can help SaaS business owners like you, check out SaaS Invaders. You can submit a deal or take advantage of one. Deals are accepted for software, books, eLearning classes, and anything else that helps the SaaS community.
SaaS Invaders is also home to a thriving online SaaS community. Get tips on forums focused on growth hacks, the best podcast to check out this month, how to deal with cultural workplace barriers, the best Google Voice alternatives, and more.

Indie Hackers

With the Indie Hackers community, whether you’re a founder or a co-founder, you can gain advice from those who have started profitable online businesses and connect. Take advantage of networking with other SaaS startups and maximizing your knowledge of the SaaS industry through access to forums, newsletters, offline events, and an internal job board. Learn about great podcasts, and buy branded merchandise. You need to apply to join Indie Hackers but it’s worth the small investment of time to do so.

SaaS Revolutionaries on Facebook

Self-described as a “curated group for SaaS founders, executives, and investors,” this community located on social media aims to connect leaders on a global scale. Those in the SaaS industry can take advantage of a forum, newsletter, and offline events by joining this Facebook group that has about 6.5K members.

SaaS Growth Hacks on Facebook

Network with 29.3K members and counting in this Facebook community that gives you access to SaaS growth tips, B2B SaaS advice and ideas. Be sure to read the group’s rules as outlined by its creator Aaron Krall as they’re comprehensive. The goal here is to share ideas and tricks but you can also promote yourself and your company in indirect ways.

r/SaaS on Reddit

Reddit, like Quora, is always a site chock full of information and this is super true when it comes to the SaaS industry. Access threads on a plethora of topics including how to recruit beta testers for a new software, how often subscription payments fail, third-party social media data, and so much more. Learn more about retention, SaaS product management, how to maximize your templates, product management, partnerships, and anything SaaS related you can think of. 


At SaaStock, you can apply to take part in peer groups, workshops, and global networking events with a founder membership. This group is exclusively for B2B SaaS founders that are committed to growth and helping others, with pre-revenue through to $10MM ARR. Headquartered in London, England, with SaaStock you can connect with other leaders in real-time through events and conferences and learn more about the SaaS market.


Form the ultimate SaaS alliance with other providers through SaaStr. This is the largest community of SaaS founders, executives, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Through top-quality community connections and industry-leading content, this community is making a difference. You can attend the SaaStr Annual which takes place in-person each year in September, hosting industry-leading speakers, companies, and networking sessions. You can also access a load of online content, free ebooks, funding, and other events through this premium platform.

SaaS Alliance on Slack

This Slack community is an invite-only group with over 1,000 SaaS founders as members. Learn more about key topics such as onboarding, remote work culture, sales tracking apps, marketing automation, online time management and all things SaaS-centered. With over 8,000 + applicants, you can apply to join the wait list of experienced B2B SaaS providers. Direct competitors are not admitted and the group never exceeds 1000 members in order to prevent overcrowding.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an ever-changing industry and gaining a competitive edge can often mean communicating with others to find out what works and what can be a challenge. Find inspiration, connection with new peers, and the keys to your future success through SaaS startup and founders’ communities that bring out the best in the industry. 

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