6 Filters to Qualify Your Leads And Never Waste Time With Non-Buyers Again

6 Filters to Qualify Your Leads And Never Waste Time With Non-Buyers Again

Not all leads are created equal.

Even if you’ve dialed in your ideal customer profile and built out your distribution channels to only attract the perfect prospect…

…you’re still gonna have to implement systems and filters to separate your buyers from your tire kickers.

This is especially true in the scaling phase where spending too much time with non-buyers will tax your sales team, inspire bad decisions with “false negatives”, and create a whole slew of crushing inefficiencies.

After taking well north of 1,000 sales calls (and closing millions of dollars in software deals)… I’ve refined the process for sorting the true buyers from the tire kickers.

Best of all, most of these lead qualification mechanisms can be done via automated processes that don’t pull on your team’s already overstretched bandwidth.

I cover my 6 best qualification systems in this week’s video.



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As a quick summary, the 6 lead qualification filters come down to:

  1. Funnel filter
  2. Behavior
  3. Challenges
  4. Role
  5. Authority
  6. Product fit

The first one is my favorite as it’s the most hands off.

By asking the right questions upfront on your opt-in forms (webinars, lead magnets, free trials, etc.)…

… you can quickly and easily gauge who’s worth jumping on a call with — and who will just drain your time and energy.

aka: the zoom call from hell

Simple litmus-test questions like employee count, revenue, industry size, and role will go a long way in filtering out unqualified prospects before they ascend into the lesser-automated (and leveraged) phases of your customer acquisition process.

But to get a complete picture of all six lead qualification systems, make sure to watch the full episode, and then leave a comment letting me know which you plan to implement right away to get better leads on the line.


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