Five Reasons Why You Should NOT List Your Pricing on Your Website

Five Reasons Why You Should NOT List Your Pricing on Your Website

When I was 25 and building my first company, Spheric, I closed an enterprise level deal with Procter & Gamble.

Not only was it an “arrival point” for my company…

But in the negotiations, I actually got P&G to fund an entire slate of new integrations and features, while we retained the IP.

Pretty cool, right?

Thing is, none of that would’ve been possible had I made the mistake that most founders make…

Sharing pricing on their website.

In this week’s video, I dive into the 5 reasons why you’ll want to consider hiding your pricing … and how you can leverage that position to close bigger deals while having the flexibility to serve your customers in a more impactful way.

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At a high level, here are the 5 reasons you’ll want to hide your pricing:

  1. Complex Deals
  2. Discounting Difficulties
  3. Big Different Than Small
  4. Enterprises Just Want to Buy
  5. Could Make You Look Cheap

At the end of the day, If it’s your goal to serve Fortune 500 companies and high-level enterprises, you NEED to retain the ability to structure deals appropriately.

Showing your pricing not only destroys all leverage right off the bat…

… but it can actually kill your credibility by making you look like a cheap, consumer-level solution.

Even worse… a potential game-changing client may sign up for a free trial (or lower tier) without you even having a chance to craft a better package and close a bigger deal.

Give this episode a quick watch, and then let me in the comments if you’re coming up against resistance to hiding your pricing.

I’ll reply back with my thoughts 🙂

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