Breaking The Growth Ceiling: 3 Keys To Pushing Past Your SaaS Business’ Limitations

Breaking The Growth Ceiling: 3 Keys To Pushing Past Your SaaS Business’ Limitations

I bet you dream about growth, dreams like:

“If I got x more customers per month, our revenue would…”

It’s exciting to think about where things could go, and how much revenue could come flooding in. 

But I have to break it to you:

There’s a limit.

Yes, there’s a growth ceiling to a SaaS. I call it the Churn Flatline.

It comes down to simple math, but it’s 100% predictable. 

No matter how great your growth is right now, one day your SaaS is going to level out and hit that churn flatline.

That means no more growth. 

No more annual recurring revenue. You’ve maxed out.

It’s a scary place to be!

But… I’ve coached many, many SaaS founders like you on how to break through that growth ceiling.

Want the inside scoop? It’s all in this weeks’ video:



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We kick off with a bit of money math and a calculator, but once we’ve covered the basics, here are the 3 points I explain in-depth:

  1. Reduce Churnit can be done!
  2. Increase ARPA (and the 3 tactics to do it)
  3. Grow Customers

If you’re not yet aware of the Churn Flatline, then you definitely need to see this video.

Run the equation for yourself.

I want you to hold off reaching that ceiling for as long as possible. Predict it ahead of time, and build your business around preventing it.

Immunize yourself against it.

The difference will be worth it. So even if your SaaS is young, pay attention. It’s never too early to fight churn.

Watch the video here, and if you have a question, drop it in the comments underneath.

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