SaaS Sales Pipeline: 4 Ways To Increase Win Rate

SaaS Sales Pipeline: 4 Ways To Increase Win Rate

A little while ago one of my businesses got 18 demos and 0 show-ups…


Crazy? I know right.

I couldn’t understand how it could be ZERO…

They had all booked a call that was on the calendar.

They had all received email confirmations.

And they had all gone through the pipeline smoothly.

Or so we thought…

Here’s what happened: 

After a week of digging, we figured out it was related to one of our sales development reps calling to confirm the call.

After the SDR called them … the people who would’ve shown up didn’t want to show up anymore! HA!

That SDR lost every single one of those 18 leads.

And cracks like this happen all the time in SaaS sales pipelines.

The difference is most founders take MONTHS to realize what’s happening.

And maybe months more to fix it…

Which kills your sales velocity. 

Also, most SaaS companies don’t have a ‘smooth as butter’ sales process.

Every step feels robotic, uncomfortable, and full of unnecessary friction. 

The good news is I got your back.

Today, I’m going to show you what a SaaS sales pipeline looks like – done right.

Enjoy this week’s video.

How To Build The Perfect SaaS Sales Pipeline.



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Here’s the agenda for this week’s video:

  1. Build Out The Perfect SaaS Sales Pipeline
  2. Figure Out Your Sales Roles: SDR, BDR, MDR, AE, etc.
  3. Nail The Customer Success Hand Off
  4. Founder-Led Sales To Team-Led Sales
  5. 4 Steps To Increase Your Win Rate 
  7. Close 2x As Many Deals

Wouldn’t it be great to move from a founder-led sales process to a completely team-led sales process?

Where your team:

Intercepts all the unqualified calls on your calendar.

Filters them into yes and no buckets for you (no more maybes).

And only hands you qualified key decision-makers that have the budget to invest?

Talk about a perfect sales process!

That’s what I’m going to share with you today.

How To Build The Perfect SaaS Sales Pipeline. >>>

Let me know your #1 takeaway.

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