6 Characteristics of Successful SaaS Salespeople

6 Characteristics of Successful SaaS Salespeople

All SaaS companies need sales people.

Even products like Dropbox & Slack have sales teams.

If you look at the Montclare SaaS 250 list, they all have sales teams.

So why do startups push off making this hire for so long?

It’s usually because they don’t know what to look for and are scared that a new fancy pants sales person wouldn’t close enough deals to cover their cost.

A totally legit concern.

But one you need to quickly blast through if you have any serious hopes of scaling.

I hired my first sales person in 2006 and it changed my business.

It unlocked a huge roadblock that I had in my ability to follow up, sell and keep revenues flowing as I was flooded with other tasks required to continue scaling my company.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all rev-gen rainbows and scaled up sunshine.

What I missed in that hire were these 6 characteristics that forced me to replace him 2 months later.

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If you’re about to make your first hire, or want to improve your sales team, then be sure to look for these characteristics:

  1. Dedicated to Prospecting
  2. Follows Sales Process
  3. Social Researcher
  4. Curious About Customer’s Needs
  5. Add Value to Every Interaction
  6. Leverages Micro-Moments

During the video I go deeper into what these mean and specifically how to test for them.

But the main thing to get right is to have a hiring, training and onboarding process for your salespeople to get them productive as fast as possible.

While getting an “out of the box” ROI may be a bit ambitious…

My rule is that every salesperson should be hitting 80% of quota within 6 months of hiring, if not, replace them.

If you have questions about compensation, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll give you my simple formula for making this brain dead simple.

Have an amazing day!


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