Questions Every SaaS Founder Needs To Answer In Their Sales Process

Questions Every SaaS Founder Needs To Answer In Their Sales Process

Want to know what the top 250 SaaS companies do to win deals?

I’ll get to that …

… but let’s start with a story.

When I was building Flowtown, we decided to move from a self-serve model (low touch / no touch), to a lightweight sales process.

We hired sales people (called them customer success) to reach out to qualified signups…

… but it wasn’t working – only about 10% upgraded to paid accounts. #salesfail

So I dug in to learn.

I called a dozen potential customers and eventually extracted the key questions they were looking for us to answer.

Once we changed our pitch – our conversions skyrocketed to 30%!

That’s a 3X bump… or for those keeping score at home… a total f-ing win!

And it came down to answering these 3 questions in our sales process…

These are the 3 questions you need to start answering in your sales process TODAY in order to move your customer towards the buying line:

1. What’s the cost of Inertia? (ie. doing nothing). How will keeping the status quo hurt them?
2. What “value” are they leaving on the table by choosing our competitors?
3. What compelling reasons would they have for investing TODAY? (vs. next quarter / year)

Sometimes the most powerful strategies come from asking the simplest questions.

The truth is this approach works for ALL sales.

Follow this process and you’ll be closing deals left and right.

Leave me a comment letting me know if you’re implementing these already, and if you’re not, which will you start with?

Have an incredible day!

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