The 4 Roles of a Sales Team

The 4 Roles of a Sales Team

If you think “sales” is a dirty word, then you’re going to hate today’s video.

But if you believe that it’s not just your right, but your flat out responsibility to share your product / service / program with as many people who can benefit from it as possible…

… then read this carefully.

Implementing this strategy could be the main difference maker between mediocre (but unenviable) success…

… and building a rockstar company that customers line up to buy from (and Silicon Valley suitors line up to invest in)

The dirty secret?

A sales team.

Yep, people actually working with potential customers answering questions to get them excited about buying from you.

Now, don’t mess it up.

Recently I had one of my coaching clients get excited that he hired a new salesperson and had high hopes…

… what he quickly realized is he gave them no system, no direction and what ended up happening was he became an order taker.

Not a salesperson.

Their phone would ring all day from potential customers ready to buy, and when those opportunities came in, the sales person got them.

So essentially my buddy was paying for someone to process paperwork AND pay a huge commission on those orders that were technically already his.

This is just one of several crippling mistakes I see a lot of well-intentioned startup founders make.

That’s why I want to share the same sales team framework I suggest to the world’s top SaaS companies.

And in case you were wondering… this framework is equally game changing for consulting agencies and product companies.

Give it a watch now to dramatically reverse even the most flatlining sales figures.



When it comes to the “roles” involved in a high-performing sales team, I believe they can be broken down to 4 key areas.

Now before you freak out and say you can’t afford 4 people … watch the video :)…

I cover how these 4 roles should be rolled out, starting initially with the founder doing them all.

1) Inbound #qualifier
2) Outbound #qualifier
3) Sales Exec #closers
4) Account Manager #farmers

Right now I’m on a mission to get founders like you excited about the concept of building a repeatable / scalable system for growing your business (what I call a Growth Engine).

Cylinder #2 is Sales Conversion, and the people involved are the first 3 I mention above.

If you have any tips for compensating, hiring, managing, incentivising sales teams, leave a comment below with your strategies.

If you have questions, do the same – post them as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer each one.

Building a team whose sole focus is to get more people introduced and implementing your solutions is one of the most rewarding aspects of building a business.

Don’t wait too long to build out this competency.

Here’s to selling more and loving on your customers!


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