The Truth About Getting Punched In The Face

The Truth About Getting Punched In The Face

I believe there are two types of people in the world…

… those who’ve been punched in the face – and those who haven’t.

Growing up, I got in a lot of trouble. That meant getting into fist fights.

It’s always amazed me how paralyzed with fear someone will get at the threat of getting in a fight.

I’ve seen guys freeze up, piss themselves, and pass out… all before a punch was thrown.

How does this apply to growing your business? Simple.

I think overcoming fear is a muscle you can develop so you can easily deal with bigger and bigger challenges if you exercise it.

The way I do it is by scaring myself everyday.

Deciding to take the path least travelled, jumping head first into the unknown, and always saying YES when given a choice that gives me anxiety but in my soul I know I need to do.

That’s where JFDI comes from.

That’s why I want to show you exactly what that looks like in this week’s video.

A few months ago I was in Vegas with my best friend Keith Yackey and he asks if I want to go boxing while I was in town.

I’ve never been to a boxing gym… been in a fight, yes… but formal boxing, no way.

I knew Keith had been training for a couple years and at first I was thinking “Why would I go boxing only to get my ass kicked?”

But then I remembered that sometimes the most productive thing you can do in your business is volunteer to getting punched in the mouth.

And so I did.

You can watch how that turned out here.

Spoiler Alert:

Yes, I got punched in the face — yes it hurt — no I didn’t piss myself.

But most importantly, I pushed myself outside my comfort zone and strengthened that “muscle” that lets me lean in when things get tough.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think?

The truth is, we only compete against ONE person… the person we were yesterday.

So everyday, push yourself to grow… learn new skills, scare yourself and expand.

The goal is to become the person who can deal.

See you next Monday!

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