Opportunity Overflow Damaging Your Sales Pipeline? 5 Ways to Manage Leads Like a Pro

Opportunity Overflow Damaging Your Sales Pipeline? 5 Ways to Manage Leads Like a Pro

Some of you are gonna hate me for even saying this.

Might even have some intense fist-shaking action.

But it’s gotta be said.

There is such a thing as having too many leads.  

And even if you’re currently experiencing a lack of leads… you absolutely need to prepare yourself to handle a potential overflow so that you don’t miss out on potential game-changing opportunities if things ramp up faster than expected.

This actually happened very recently with my client, Tom.

After he implemented some of the funnel strategies I teach inside SaaS Academy, he went from having NOT enough leads… to being completely inundated and his calendar blew up with product demos.

To handle this new *first world* SaaS problem, I shared the 5 steps that I cover in this week’s video.

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At a high level, here’s exactly what to do when you start getting bogged down with too many unqualified leads:

    1. Lead scoring
    2. Funnel filter
    3. Two step sales
    4. Improve MQL & SQL
    5. Create self service plan

Most of these steps actually involve REDUCING your number of leads by creating tighter filters and higher qualifiers.

This may sound counterintuitive if you’re currently experiencing too few leads, but you would likely even benefit right now by implementing these steps.

If you’re currently spending too much of your week talking to leads (or serving customers) that should’ve never made it into your sphere to begin with…

… then you’re mis-allocating time, energy, and resources that could be better spent on strategies that actually move the needle for you and your company.

Just something to think about 🤔

Give the full episode a watch here, and then drop me a comment letting me know ONE thing you plan to implement to start getting higher qualified leads on the line (while reducing the noise in your sales pipeline.


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