Best SaaS Startup Ideas (With Examples) to Consider in 2024

Best SaaS Startup Ideas (With Examples) to Consider in 2024

As business moves more and more into the digital realm, it’s no surprise that SaaS companies are constantly innovating on new enterprise tools and solutions. From team collaboration and content planning to email marketing and remote work optimization, the best SaaS startup ideas are those solving enterprise challenges as intuitively and proactively as possible.

The global SaaS industry market size surpassed $150 billion in value in 2021 and the growth rate is projected to grow to a whopping $232 billion by the end of 2024. 

All this SaaS software potential – and all this competition – means the race is on for all business owners seeking to make their SaaS business model ideas a reality. As for those entrepreneurs seeking inspiration – look no further.

The Basics: What is a SaaS Business & how do you get started with SaaS?

The SaaS business model is a simple one, often helmed by a small team. Software as a Service (SaaS) startups are technology organizations created mostly for B2B end users. Each SaaS software solution in this industry is created to help a business either enjoy a more efficient and trackable workflow, to better organize their functionality in some way, for additional scalability, or to enhance their revenues.

If there’s a challenge in the world of entrepreneurship today, chances are high that there are software development specialists out there with SaaS startup ideas to overcome it. Business owners are prepared to pay for almost any SaaS product, whether as an upfront cost or on a recurring subscription basis.

However, simply creating your SaaS platform and releasing it for computers or as a mobile app is only half the story. SaaS startup ideas need to grow, whether you’re updating your software to eliminate bugs, or adding new features to outpace competitors and keep end users and subscribers engaged.

The SaaS industry is a challenging market to be in… but one whose rewards are only projected to soar, thanks to a high growth rate. As hybrid and remote work herald a complete rethink in how almost every business on Earth operates, SaaS startup ideas are like golden tickets – if you know how to put them into action in the best way.

Successful SaaS Business Ideas with Examples

All of the SaaS startup ideas succeeding in the market today have won their positions by solving B2B problems. As such, researching the SaaS software challenges that are facing your chosen industry today – and how software development might help overcome them – is a smart way to think up some SaaS startup ideas.

What are some issues confronting companies that go digital, and how does solving those fit into the SaaS business model? The answers go back further than you might think, as does the SaaS industry. Consider the early days of the internet – when there was an urgent need for secure ways for customers and companies to pay for goods and services as the internet growth rate took off. That was when service providers like PayPal and Payoneer arrived on the scene – SaaS startup ideas that have become central to the online world today.

Nowadays, most SaaS product ideas cater to more niche functionality and problem-solving, often with added scalability. Email marketing is an evergreen way of reaching end users, for example, but is time-consuming for teams – which is why the likes of MailChimp were created to smooth the process out, for free or on a subscription basis.

One of the most famous SaaS platforms to help distributed workforces connect and collaborate is another great example of enterprise problem-solving. It’s easy to take Slack for granted, but it’s one of the best SaaS startup ideas ever – and transformed remote work for business owners overnight, arguably reinvigorating the entire SaaS industry as it did so.

Types of SaaS Companies

Developing SaaS startup ideas into a functioning SaaS business model means understanding the different ways in which SaaS solutions are designed and structured, as well as their scalability and growth rate.

Some SaaS platforms turn a profit by sustaining an engaged community of subscribers, for example, while others are service providers, specialized in facilitating marketing automation, aiding content planning, securing video conferencing or providing an e-commerce management system. Whether to opt for a subscription basis of monetization or not is one consideration you should keep in mind.

SaaS Startups

SaaS startup ideas are everywhere nowadays, from platforms to help team collaboration to systems that help business owners to manage KPIs, oversee projects, enhance scalability, evaluate employee performance or warehouse physical stock with real-time inventory management software. The SaaS industry is very active.

SaaS startups share their business structure with most other software development, marketing and technology startups. The SaaS business model makes companies that are lean, agile and fast-moving businesses with a high growth rate, often made up of a handful of specialized software development veterans and marketing strategy creatives.

They aim to do one thing and do it well – but in terms of staff, it’s often expected for a small team of colleagues to ‘wear many hats’, jumping on board to help different areas of SaaS businesses when challenges and opportunities emerge.

SaaS CRM Startups

While most SaaS startup ideas cater to the B2B market, there are a growing number of SaaS CRM startups active today too.

A big reason for this is that aspects of your SaaS software startup such as email marketing, social media marketing and – of course – your customer relationship management (CRM) can benefit from the ease of use promised by the best CRM SaaS product ideas. They tend to work well when offered on a subscription basis.

Top solutions providers in SaaS CRM software development are companies like Zoho, Salesforce or HubSpot – but giants like Microsoft are also involved in this sector, via Microsoft Dynamics 365. The SaaS industry is seeing more of these players all of the time.

Customer loyalty is a big talking point today – and a big challenge facing business owners in every industry, even in the SaaS business model. SaaS startup ideas that can help with issues like this have a lot of potential in the current market, with scalability that grows as your customer base does.

Micro-SaaS Startups

How niche are your niche SaaS startup ideas? If you really want to challenge your startup – or simply solve a problem that no other business owners have successfully confronted before – micro-SaaS startups are a fantastic way forward.

This is a very lean SaaS business model,dihi using a very small team. A SaaS software development team of 10 or fewer people, micro-SaaS startups focus laser-tight on a single core competency. This still means they can enjoy a massive growth rate in activities and revenues.

For example, email marketing and only email marketing; graphic design and video editing for content marketing that goes beyond the written word; or portfolio and resume builder SaaS startup ideas to help freelancers, solopreneurs and job hunters best showcase their skills.

If you feel worried that you only have a sole marketable skill for a SaaS platform, you don’t need to worry. As micro-SaaS startups demonstrate, with a small team and good working knowledge of the SaaS industry, this can actually be turned to your advantage, perhaps even on a subscription basis.

Top Reasons to Start a SaaS Business

The real reasons why inspiration strikes and business owners want to develop SaaS startup ideas are incredibly varied. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs who have worked in other businesses and encountered challenges with team collaboration or effective content planning, for instance, will feel inspired to create SaaS product ideas that overcome the problem. The SaaS industry is very receptive to ingenuity.

Specialist knowledge that you’ve obtained in your own career is undoubtedly going to prove invaluable here, but it’s not an absolute necessity. Many SaaS software development service providers are drawn to generating SaaS startup ideas simply because the market is so active and the growth rate is so high – and so in need of both scalability and proactive problem solving.

It can be concerning to note that the SaaS solutions market is crowded. At times, too many organizations can try to dog-pile onto the same issue – the glut of team collaboration apps that arose when the pandemic forced almost all white collar employees to work from home at once is a good example.

Yet the truth is that, in as active a business climate as the SaaS market, business owners often still have a way to go as far as digital transformation is concerned. The world is rapidly leaving behind those organizations incapable of moving with the times – and business owners at the head of such companies are understandably concerned.

It’s here that intelligent and intuitive SaaS startup ideas have superb growth potential in the months and years ahead. The SaaS industry is actively growing, the SaaS business model is proven to work well, and organizations who once assumed they could do without the cloud and computer software are receiving a rude awakening that the small team at your startup could make that much more palatable.


Any business owners seeking to put their SaaS startup ideas into action will have some understandable questions at the front of their minds.

SaaS software can be a complicated market in which to do business, yet also has incredible growth rate potential for the pre-prepared. Any experience you can bring from your startup strategies in the past will probably apply as far as business operations and growth tactics are concerned – but also keep the below advice in mind as you move your SaaS startup ideas forward with a small team.

Is SaaS profitable?

Because SaaS platforms often include business models that capitalize on subscribers’ revenues or fast growth strategies into untapped and fertile markets, the SaaS business model is definitely a field in which your startup can see promising returns very rapidly – especially on a subscription basis.

However, the SaaS industry remains a capital intensive field to be in too, demanding that you remain at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and software development best practices – as well as understanding what entrepreneurs and business owners want from their SaaS platforms. Your scalability needs to be top notch, and many SaaS software ideas are created by a small team.

A high growth rate means that quick changes and fresh perspective will continuously be necessary, meaning that the most profitable SaaS software ideas will be those that don’t just innovate once to gain a foothold in the market – but that continue to innovate as the company and its complement of end users grows.

How do I develop a startup idea?

Having the beginnings of an idea is exciting for any entrepreneur. Yet taking it forward with a small team into a SaaS business model is, understandably, often quite a daunting prospect.

A key piece of advice to keep in mind here is that almost no business owners make it big in the SaaS industry on their own. Similarly, while researching the best SaaS startup ideas and exploring your options, be sure to network and connect with potential customers, mentors and freelancers who can help shape the project in a small team.

Even more structured advice is out there for the taking too. Personalized and bespoke solutions to help business owners develop their ideas and overcome challenges in a holistic and proactive way is a specialty of the SaaS Academy.

What is a B2B SaaS product?

SaaS startup ideas that enable business owners in the same or different industries to work together better, settle outstanding payments with less friction, generate invoices more easily, share inventory management and stock levels, enjoy greater scalability, automate raw material reorders – you name it – are B2B SaaS products.

The kinds of B2B SaaS platforms that are active in the SaaS industry today vary massively from one industry to another, as does their growth rate. Some of them share functionality with B2C SaaS startup ideas – for example, email marketing to B2B clients is still important, and providing ways for businesses to improve their email marketing to other businesses is even better.

Any role that software development can play in smoothing out the way B2B transactions happen is going to enjoy rich potential in the SaaS market today. The more innovative your SaaS startup ideas, the more disruptive they can potentially become, even on a subscription basis.

Whether you’re helping entrepreneurs connect, helping businesses with their content planning, developing new ways for customers to track their orders when shopping online, or anything else you can imagine, the market is ready and waiting to see your SaaS software plans take shape.

Do your research, gather a trusted small team, learn the SaaS business model and hone in on the problems facing the world of work today, and you can’t go far wrong.

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