6 Secrets To Converting Traffic To SaaS Free Trials

6 Secrets To Converting Traffic To SaaS Free Trials

Back when I was growing Clarity.fm, we were getting a TON of organic traffic.

At its peak, we were clocking in at over 100K unique visitors/month.

Which on the surface sounds like a number worth fist-bumping over.

Problem was…

Barely any of those visitors were actually converting into free accounts or paid calls.

About 2% to be exact.

(I can’t believe I thought that was OK)

And it’s not like the leads were bad either.

Problem was, our conversion process was broken, and our homepage was acting as sign up repellant.

That’s when we dove deep and made a few tweaks that eventually brought up our visitor conversion rate to 20%.

In this week’s video, I share the 5 key strategies you need to start implementing to convert more visitors into trial users… and get better ROI on your inbound efforts.

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At a glance, here are the five strategies your visitors are practically *begging* you to implement:

  1. Know your customer
  2. Trustworthy landing page
  3. Offer live chat
  4. Lead magnets
  5. Mix up the content
  6. Collect feedback

All five strategies are non-negotiable —  you must start implementing now!

And if you aren’t already doing so, collecting feedback gets an immediate bump up the priority list.

The way I see it is this — either you’re winning or you’re learning.

If you’re letting visitors bounce without getting at least some sort of hint as to the friction they’re experiencing…

… then not only are you NOT converting… but you’re robbing yourself of your BEST shot at climbing out of your conversion hole.

It’s one thing to leave money on the table.

It’s another to fail to cash it in for valuable insights.

Give the full episode a watch here, and then let me know what initiatives you’re currently working on to convert more visitors into trial signups (or demos).


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