5 Steps To Incredibly Productive Weekly Team Meetings At Your Startup

5 Steps To Incredibly Productive Weekly Team Meetings At Your Startup

If you run a small team of just 5 employees/co-founders…

Your weekly meetings are likely costing you well north of 50k/year.

Simple math…

… average hourly rate x number of people x 52.

That’s how much you’re spending to run your weekly meeting.

If the most productive thing that comes out of it is a self-portrait of your front-end designer sketched in an intense bout of boredom…

… then these meetings are crushing your company.

And it’s not that hypothetical front-end designer’s fault.

It’s on you as the leader to design your meetings so that they’re highly focused and optimized for growth.

In this week’s video, I show you the 5 steps for maximizing the ROI on the 50k/year investment you didn’t even know you were making.



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At a high level, here’s what a highly productive meeting comes down to:

  1. Time to celebrate
  2. Measure to manage
  3. Focus on the few
  4. The obstacle is the way  
  5. Give it a score

While all of them are critical to maximizing your ROI… number 4  is the hallmark of every successful B2B SaaS company I know.

(shoutout to Ryan Holiday)

Essentially, if you use your meetings to address and pre-empt the biggest and scariest obstacles in your path to growth, you set the stage to come together and blast through them as a team.

Nothing unites a team faster while building a winning culture than overcoming challenges that your competitors would likely back down from.

Do that 52x/year and you have a recipe for some serious, compounded growth.

Give this episode a quick watch and then drop me a comment letting me know 1) how many team members you manage and 2) what you do to keep everyone dialed in and excited to grow.


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